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 I have a BEAST - The Television


Who here used to be addicted to TV? and got rid of it in their house?

I have been convicted and really want to get rid of our television (an nice 46" one) and connection to channels.

I have children and while maybe some of it is "ok", most of it is not "ok".

I want to sit down with my children and have a heart-to-heart talk with them and share with them Biblically about how bad TV is and find good alternatives to it's use and of our time.

Please share your experiences as a family and thoughts.

Thanks, dkr777

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 Re: I have a BEAST

Just as a personal testimony on the matter, when I was 11 years old, I was watching something and felt convicted because of what I was watching. At that age I decided to not watch TV any more. I started spending more time in prayer and with God’s Word. There have been a few times through the years when I’d be at a friend’s house and look at a little news or some type of informative program, but never “entertainment” TV (not even the “clean” stuff).

I look back now at the age of 47 and I am SO thankful to God that I made that decision. Many of the other young people in my generation that I went to church with fell back into the ways of the world and are now slaves to sin; whereas, I was growing up in the same world, but without all of the EXTRA misguided confusion that TV adds, and God has kept me through the years.

Children who learn to read and to play and work outside are always much more productive in their adult years. Many psychological conditions (ADHD, ADD, etc.) have been found to be the result of too much fast-paced TV stimuli hindering the natural development of the brain in young children. I've read about studies that confirmed the connection.

It is SO MUCH simpler and more effective to do without it completely than to deal with trying to strain out what VERY LITTLE “good” might manage to make through the lines and end up on your TV set. The danger of the little bit of leaven far outweighs (in my opinion) benefit of a little bit of “good” that one may benefit from.

To me, internet is a little different, for several reasons. Great Christian individuals like Greg Gordan can broadcast VERY helpful sites that greatly benefit a person spiritually without being censored by the media laws that govern TV. Let’s hope that that freedom is not taken away any time soon!

Michael Strickland

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 Re: I have a BEAST - The Television

The day after I was saved, I tried to watch TV as usual and to my complete shock could not stand watching the movie (regular hollywood junk) that was on. The Lord gave me a taste of how the Holy Spirit feels about these things and TV has never been the same. But our kids and my hubby, though he became a Christian, liked it too much and it invaded our home more and more. Signing up for Satelite TV was like a death blow to our family life and I grieved over it often.

By the time the children grew up and left home even my husband had come to detest the garbage that was on TV and we got rid of it completely. One of the best decisions ever, and to my surprise I never missed it. However, for my children it was too late, they are still hooked on it and watch hours and hours of movies and shows while their interest in the Lord has all but disapeared. A source of unending grief for us.

If I could go back and do things differently, I would get rid of TV much much earlier and allow only the occasional wholesome movie or documentary to play on DVD. You are on the right path! I pray the Lord will give you the wisdom and strength to make the right decision now.

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