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 Re: Defeating the Uncircumcised Philistines of the Heart

Brother Paul, Wounderful post!

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What are some of those methods? Scripture memorization, verse quoting, pleading the Blood of Jesus

I actually had a woman stop showing up for a Bible study I was hosting because I told her that nowhere in all of scripture do we read of anyone ever "pleading the blood" over an object, be it animate, inanimate or otherwise.

But she had been taught to "plead the blood" over people to protect them; to "plead the blood" over things you wanted to acquire like a townhouse or S.U.V. It is amazing what people can bring themsevles to believe - but even more amazing to me is that they can be Christians for decades and not study their Bibles to look into the veracity of these types of teachings. Like Roman Catholics, even many Protestant Evangelicals take for granted extrabiblical traditions and mythical lore as truth. And why? I believe it is because of a magic shortcut they so desparately seek to have power over Satan and satisfy their materialistic wants without ever abdicating the throne of self to God. Man will believe in talismans, charms, and anything at all but to preserve the autonomy of flesh.

I remember this woman getting so offended and angry that I would dare challenge this. An idol was touched.

Paul Frederick West

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