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 The Poison of Paralysis

The Poison of Paralysis

The poison came so gradually it raised no opposition

But liberty to walk in love felt faintest hesitation

So subtle was the first affect that no alarm was raised

but unbeknownst to anyone a brother had been dazed

The goal of scheming mind had no intention war to start

Just leave a trace of poison to defile the pure in heart

Like arsenic fed over time in increments minute

Impairment only visible by those through grace astute

For love’s strong flame still burned though slightly lower by degree

As strength began to wane a moan signaled I've grown weary

A mind and heart once free and clear now anxious thoughts perused

As toxic question’s undetected poison was diffused

Like tares sewn by an enemy amidst good seed concealed

Until the fruit begins to form its nature not revealed

So gradually love cools but only seen in close analysis

The end achieved by subtle foe – not death just mere paralysis


Alan and Dina Martin

 2012/9/25 10:26Profile

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 Re: The Poison of Paralysis

Outstanding poem. It certainly is so visible in the world around us, especially in the churches.

Paralysis is a poison. It doesn't kill, but subdues.

 2012/9/25 11:16Profile

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