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 A postscript to DEADn’s locked SDA thread

After saying my goodbyes, one item of unfinished business has remained lodged in my mind, and so I must share here what should have been written several days ago. My apologies for being so dreadfully slow!

DEADn, your heart was drawn to your nephew; and your concerns regarding his new religious affiliation. Then upon reflection, you decided to put that issue aside, preferring not to get derailed over the problems of the SDA. You wanted to preserve your inner peace, and move on. I was immensely blessed by your resolve. At that point I could have validated your thoughts and also encouraged you to continue thinking about your nephew – not merely in light of his religious affiliation, but in light of his wider world - the culture that profoundly shapes him including his everyday life – work, school, family, relationships, and so forth. In fact, these other influences shaped/shape him far more deeply. He is much more than merely a product of his new religion (to whatever extent that may be, we here have no idea). As you know, you really can’t understand him by reading the SDA’s doctrinal creed or a list of their errors. You can’t know him or what presses on his mind without hearing from him directly through sharing yourself with him and building his trust. None of us here can tell you about him – his passions, fears, worldviews, and so forth.

You may have noticed the danger of trying to understand other people based on a category we see them in – esp their religious affiliation. That tempts us to “totalize” them – that is, see them as nothing more than that. And then we judge them accordingly – without knowing them at all. Or we talk about “them” - people who exist only in our imagination as the “other” – outside of ourselves – inferior to us. This is not the Christian way, and it is not the way of love or humility. Our calling is to submit our lives in love to real people – the neighbor God puts across our paths – and reflect the grace of God that dwells within us.

It seems that we failed to be “neighborly” to you, sister, and we left you in the dust – while we trampled down the well trodden path of fruitless discussion about people who are not our neighbors, but who exist merely in our distracted, anxious minds. Of course it is appropriate to close down such a “bunny” trial discussion. But, it is NOT fitting to abandon our calling to real people in our path – even if they come to us “only” in the cyberworld. You are a precious sister who longs to know God more deeply and to serve him in a world of fallen, needy people.

May God stir within you the fire of his love. May you hear him call you “My beloved” and may his Spirit continue to refresh your heart with his insurmountable goodness.



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 Re: A postscript to DEADn’s locked SDA thread

Good word Diane. My name is John btw lol

My nephew was sort of born into an SDA family by way of his dad. Only since he is knowing himself more as well as going to the SDA church is he 'understanding' life and his church more. I sit back and watch him a little bit but nothing more than that.

In the meantime, religious discussion tend to take on a life of their own for the good , bad, and in different. When a person gets lost in the discussion it is just a human nature thing. Some hold resentment over it while others do not. I let it ride because it human nature. In fact many time I find it humorous just to watch the conversation as I do on other threads on sermon index.

While all of that goes on, you are right, I go about stirring my own heart up because I am a soul who is seeking and searching my own way in relation to God.



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