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Queensland, Australia

 Missionary Training

Hi Folks,

I am interested to know how one would go about preparing to be a missionary. I don't want to take a false gospel and I don't want to go to just mess around singing kumbaya.

Where does one get serious missionary training? Something like Heart-cry but for the non-indigenous would be ideal. I'm thinking Teresa Conlon's Summit International looks both good and affordable - but isn't that for pastors?

And what skills are typically needed? I'm thinking I might get some nursing and/or construction skills. I expect preparation to take at least a couple years until I'm ready.

What portions of scripture to memorise?

Any pointers would be great. Anyone from Queensland with local knowledge would rock but I'm prepared to travel to prepare for this.

My local church for various reasons can't help.

I look forward to your response with thanks.

Best regards,


Nick van der Net

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 Re: Missionary Training

hey P!

I'm thinking along very similar lines as you and this is one serious option I'm working on:

Dallas Theological Seminary : MA Cross-cultural Ministries

"The M.A./CM program provides training for prospective and veteran missionaries whose ministries include serving in other cultures. It meets the essential academic requirements of most mission agencies and is ideal for those whose anticipated ministries will not include regular preaching."

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 Re: Missionary Training

Where do you feel called? Besides the obvious preparation of having an overcoming life and solid foundation in the word, there are the practical aspects of preparation which require mainly study. Study of language, culture, even politics, so that you will be ready to give anyone an answer who asks.

Things to keep in mind are: (1) never to overlook existing efforts to preach the gospel, especially if there are already native churches or believers in the area. Always strive to work with the existing believers. Too many times I have seen existing churches completely ignored by missionaries who had the plan to plant their own church and further their own ministry, which so often contradicts the will of God. (2) Be sent by your home church and supported by them through prayer. (3) Know how you will support yourself, keeping in mind that if you are going to a poor people, your best ministry to them will not be sharing material things with them out of your abundance of wealth, but becoming poor like them and exhibiting the life of Christ in the conditions the majority find themselves in. Sacrificing to give out of your own poor state to give to someone else speaks volumes more than building a house for a poor family from the money left over from the churches last year budget. (4) drench yourself in prayer.

Know from beforehand that cross-culture missionary work is demanding in every way and you should expect to spend the majority of your beginning time learning.


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 Re: Missionary Training

Greetings -
I don't want to cause strife, but how conservative, Bible-believing are you? I know of several mission traning "centers" (including one I've been to and another that my older brother attended) but they are on the more conservative side as is my family.
The both are specifically cross-cutural mission training places for conservative anabaptist Christians and we found them to be very helpful in our preparation for the mission field.
Please let me know if you are interested in more information.

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