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 Did Christ teach moderation?

I wonder...did Christ teach moderation? I would say no.

We like to teach moderation because we don't want to let go of this world...we'll follow Christ but we won't get too carried away (heaven forbid - that might revive this world). Jesus said: "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."

Jesus preached a radical message. Paul continued that message. He said "I am crucified with Christ" and he told us that when we become Christians we DIE and then Christ's love compels us in all we do(1 Cor. 5:14)! Wow!

Do any of us really think that when we stand before the judgment seat that Christ will say: "you really should have watched more TV. You really should have enjoyed yourself needn't have spent so many hours in prayer - you needn't have spent so much time sharing Christ with your neighbors..."?

I've heard the message of moderation preached all my life - and i think we've got a good handle on it...we know all about moderation - it fits right in with our self pleasing nature. But where are the fanatics for Christ? Where are the people who will forsake all pleasure so that this world can be reached? Where are the people who love God so much that they'd rather spend time at his feet then go to a football game?

I don't think anyone can get too enthusiastic for there's too much of self in us. I say away with moderation - let's get radical for Christ.

A thought: moderation is a well travelled road that leads to a complacency.

I look forward to your feedback. God bless you.

 2005/2/23 15:18

Joined: 2003/9/16
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 Re: Did Christ teach moderation?

Excellent observation. I agree with you.

How can I have the world and Jesus too. That's really what we're saying. I don't believe there's any moderation in being sold out to Jesus but that's what he has called to.


Ed Pugh

 2005/2/23 17:50Profile

 Re: Did Christ teach moderation?

amen and amen. I agree with you so so much.

Jesus is all and all.

 2005/2/23 18:55

 Re: Did Christ teach moderation?


Certainly, I would agree that Christ's message to "Follow Me" was not one of mediocrity nor moderation. It was intense and radical. But his message of..

"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."

Taken in context is more of an admonition to accept the Gospel message and then to discipleship. The denial of self happens when we accept Christ and his gospel. Certainly, we must then "..consecrate ourselves daily.." which is the taking up of our cross. But denial of self is part in parcel with the acceptance of the Gospel message upon the moment of salvation.

I can agree that in this country there are many "lazy" Christians but that does not make one any "less" of a Christian but rather a Christian that God is either dealing with or will soon deal with in some way or another through the orchestration of their circumstances. God is faithful to chastise his own and he will be equally faithful to "conform us into the image of his Son".

Certainly, God is sovereign in the dealings and development of his children. I'm sure you would agree with that statement! If you are initially unwilling to "go" then he will MAKE you willing to "go" through his methods of crushing the outer man in order to let the Spirit of God be released in the believer's life. You must have faith brother that God is continually dealing with ALL of his Sheep and will not forsake even a one.

Just a couple things that jarred me a bit about your post brother is that you are talking about "us" (the rest of your family in Christ) as if we are not living up to the standard that you are living at. I would challenge you to look into your own heart and life to see and realize that you yourself cannot live the life you are requiring of the rest of Christendom. Also, your statement,

(heaven forbid - that might revive this world)

This sentiment, though lofty and praiseworthy, is not a biblical view of the future. WE are not going to revive this world through our evangilization efforts. Christ himself will revive it for himself. WE, on the other hand, will witness the further delving of this world into deeper and deeper darkness with less and less regard for the Gospel. This will continue until the coming global persecution of the Saints. Now, the dicotomous thing is that this coming persecution will cause 3 things,

1. The separation of wheat from tares
2. The Great Apostasy
3. A true and legitimate revival of the church.

Basically, before you condemn the rest of the Body of Christ and request that they remove the speck from their eyes, first remove the aircraft carrier from your own eye.

In Christ,

 2005/3/11 20:06

Joined: 2003/5/24
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Chicago IL USA


There is one kind of Christian those in the body and those outside the body.

Those who know the Fire of the HOLY SPIRIT and those who know there own thoughts

Brother Stephen you are correct in saying that some who would call themselves by the name of Christ are in fact nothing more than life insurance holders.

They will agree up into the point when called to make that faith filled decision to turn from there sins with the Help of the UNSEEN ONE.

Upon realizing that they have to stop watching there IDOL(TV). They say words like Legalism and there is nothing wrong with it.

If you asked them to give up sports they would laugh at you, and this is because they worship at the temple of the CUBS.

I know I have seen them praise the god of the homerun or the god of the triple play or the goddess of the foul ball.

You test yourself you who are called by his NAME
You test the spirits and find out how far you are from the truth.

Who do you worship more the TV or your GOD?

There is but one type of Christian that is the one who know JESUS is the SON of GOD and who lives it.

Your right Picky no one can be perfect but all christians are called to be Perfect. The HOLY SPIRIT perfects us daily so that we are not what we were and we are conforming to the IMAGE of CHRIST.


 2005/3/11 20:41Profile

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Midwest, USA

 Re: Did Christ teach moderation?

I look forward to your feedback.

Here is mine...



Mark Daniel

 2005/3/11 21:12Profile


Dear Picky400,

You are right - i'm working on that aircraft carrier... ;-)

I actually apologized recently for posting this was written in a spirit of pride and it was divisive. The aim and the attitude were wrong...

Please know that my desire is not to condemn the church - my heart breaks for it...

Thank you for your thoughts Picky400! I would really appreciate your prayers this weekend (see prayer thread).

Anyone else who happens along this thread...i apologize once again for the spirit of that initial posting...and please see thread on prayer (i need your prayers!!) :)

God Bless,

Your brother in Christ

 2005/3/11 21:34



I'm glad to hear that you have reconsidered this post. This shows your humility and I'm sure that Christ is pleased with you altogether. Not that you have given in to me, but simply because you have the maturity to admit your failings. I appreciate that from any believer. I will remember you in prayer and encourage you in the faith.


 2005/3/11 23:20

Joined: 2005/2/25
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No, we can't be perfect but the bible does show that we can have a perfect heart. I beleive that wanting to be perfect is the perfect heart.To agree with the Spirit that everything that is not like Christ has to Go by the power of the Holy Spirit and continually asking the Holy Spirit to search your heart to see if there be any wickedness there and to deliver you from it.
Just a thought from a baby in Christ.

Frank White

 2005/3/11 23:44Profile

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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


With many of the 'commands' that are not written clearly in the bible. If we preach them as such they can bring the body under so much bondage, that we could get back to wearing suits as an expression of holiness and respect for God.

Zeke Oosthuis

 2005/3/12 1:26Profile

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