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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Historian says piece of papyrus refers to Jesus' wife

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One thing is certain: Some people are LOOKING for reasons to not believe in the Lord. Some are desperately looking for confirmation of their own prejudices and will cling to anything -- no matter how small or even fraudulent -- to ease their conscience regarding the existence of God or the eternal consequences of their souls.


 2012/9/19 21:14Profile

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I sometimes wounder how many of of the so called early manuscripts are even authentic, many could and most likely are the works of men like Constantine Simonides.

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Could actually be legit. Same word for wife may be translated "Bride". That's us. Anyone who's faith could be shaken or destroyed by this report probably isn't anyways. My 2 cents

 2012/9/19 23:34

 Re: Historian says piece of papyrus refers to Jesus' wife

I don't subscribe to this nonsense. In this day and age, anything that comes out of these institutions who once stood for righteousness, cannot be trusted now. The world is doing everything they can to discredit, remove, obliterate the name of Jesus from text books, from history, even from our Churches.

In the fourth century, from the time of Christ until then, many people could have named their Children 'Jesus'. They do it in Muslim countries. Everyone it seems either has a first or middle name of Mohammad. And if you look in the phone directory in Brazil, the name of Jesus is littered throughout. This 'Jesus' could have been anyone if it is indeed genuine.

 2012/9/19 23:54

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