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hi, i have given away a lot of money in the building where i live but if you ask me for a loan than i expect it to be paid back as stated. 2 people borrowed money and then became invisable avoiding me at all cost. 1 of these loans was nly 10 bucks. i started to be angry with the lack of character displayedby both and Jesus told me to pray for those who despitefully use me and i had to obey . it delivered me from the anger and made me realize how dumb anger is to carry with opened my heart up to receive blessings from the Lord.jimp

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Jimp is right on the money, it is very much worth noting that the anger at injustice that Jesus had was only anger at the disenfranchisement of His Father's week and poor sheep, Jesus never demonstrated anger when he was personally afflicted by another, only when he was concerned for others and their inability to approach the Father because of the selfishness of the religious thieves. We could very easily misunderstand that. To forgive everyone of offenses against us personally is our calling. I have never found justification for being angry when personally slighted by others. I have almost only found excuses in those cases, which are justifying my own sin. In which case…I need to repent.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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