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 Being So Right You Become Wrong


This is a tremendous message on the theme of having all right doctrines but the wrong heart.

Beyond Categories by Art Katz

Scripture(s): Psalm 73
Description: How far will we allow God draw us out into a place where the ultimate revelation of Himself and His truth is? If we cling to our “biblical correctness,” and the security of it, we will always fall short of that place of glory. Art probes the “spiritual” elements that keep us from that ultimate surrender.

Attitude (September 12/2012)
Reviewed by: much2nice
Do we get self righteous about our biblical correctness? This is so wonderful. Without realizing it we can become quite pharisaical even with our biblical correctness !!!

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 Re: Being So Right You Become Wrong

Yes I became right in my own eyes and through this there was a rebellion formed against God. Yet I did not mean this to happen but I became blinded by my own pride and haughtiness. We can so want to be doing the right thing that we get hung up on stuff. I am not someone who knew the word inside out but could have done with the biblical correctness at the time. So i suppose I am coming from another angle that I was in fact in a wrong spirit thinking I was of Jesus and was wrong. Just goes to show we so need each other and a non-judgmental attitude in all things and a humble spirit, not to allow any doctrine etc but to listen and admit that we may be wrong or have misunderstood. In all things be open and have things out in the light!! 'As we walk in the light, as He is in the light then the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin and we have fellowship with one another' What you are describing is having a wrong heart which is the heart of pride. When we think we know stuff but move with it in the knowledge of it rather than with the heart. Easy to do and end up not putting that what we know into practice with love and forbearance and forgiveness etc

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