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 Mark of a True Prophet by Art Katz

Mark of a True Prophet by Art Katz

Topic: Prophet
Description: If the church is not a prophetic church, it is not the church at all. A message that touches on the prophetic call by examining the prototypical lives of the prophets and particularly Jeremiah.



Piercing.  (March 15/2006)
Reviewed by: crucified
Weighty and powerful . . . listen and be alerted.

wow  (November 23/2004)
Reviewed by: markjr
Anyone who believes they have a call to prophetic ministry must listen to this man speak on this topic. This is a good sermon to start with. We have got to come back to what the WORD says a prophet is, not what our psuedo-prophets are saying it is! This really is a central issue to christianity today. Missing this, we miss most everything, for if we are not a church that confronts itself and the world, then what are we? Charismatic and goofy, that's all.

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 Re: Mark of a True Prophet by Art Katz

Something like that.
A Gift From SOMEONE else, TO someone else."....A prophetic Call.
I went into a vision/dream. In it I was standing alone, dressed in the most common clothing; very non-descript and common. I held in my hand a roll, like a magazine or newspaper, and it was wrapped in vanilla wrapping paper, like you would see in a common paper sack at the grocery store.

The contents of the roll I held were not common however. There was a glory and light emanating from what I held; very bright with gold and diamond streams shining out.

Suddenly, fifteen or twenty people surrounded me and they grabbed the scroll from me, and ripped off the manilla covering, and an explosion of glory occurred, as God's glory exploded throughout them. They were overcome with joy, shouting and dancing, and they just ran away in their bliss.

Bewildered, I said outloud; "Golly! Not even a thank-you!"...

And the Lord spoke to me from up above, in a very kind Voice;

........................................................................dream ended.........

I understood my status more clearly. I have been given many Words from the Lord over 40 years, in my calling as a seer/prophet. In the end, however, I am as common as they come, and a no-body. God chose me against my will, and gifted me, but not that I am anything unto myself. I carry a gift for others; Primarily the Holy Redeemed Church of Jesus of Nazareth; the Crucified and Risen ONE!.......GOD ALMIGHTY!

There is no reward in this ministry whatsoever from men; Just the opposite. Mostly I am hated and despised and rejected; it comes with the territory. I cannot lay it down. It is with me until the day of my death, and may in one sense be the most miserable of gifts.

Wrapped in it is unimaginable warfare; real combat with the most powerful of devils and sorcerers that serve them. Terminal loneliness is always crouching on my doorstep, as is the satanic nature that I am also, so wicked, warring constantly for me to submit to it in unholy corruption.

The gift is about carrying His Heart above all, and MERCY and COMPASSION and LOVE.....while wielding real Heavenly authority to tear down the rule of wicked princes who rule Nations and territories above.

I have been shown the future in realms of glory to the church, and judgment to the church, and to America. I know there is a Remnant that will stand in this country to see Jesus return, and before He returns, she will dwell so close to Him in awesome maturity, that whoever touches this Holy remnant Bride, will be touching Jesus Himself!...The same way as He dwelt in the Pillar of Fire following the desert Bride of Moses' day.

Miraculous provision will be brought to her, and she will do exploits, and armies will fear her. There will be an AMERICAN BAND OF MARTYRS that will chose to GO to eminent slaughter to many nations to preach Jesus where they will surely die, yet there will be endless volunteers that will take there place, no matter the cost of their mere lives.

We will see the END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM with a total collapse of the economy, as I was shown in 2003, with an audible Word from the Lord saying "A Mortgage Greed Crisis " AS THE CAUSE......with Millions Homeless without hope.....and multitudes of Blacks and minorities RIOT ANGRY!

There will emerge the holiest company of men and women, filled with Jesus, that America has ever seen. These will be a true Apostolic company, that will emit real Glory throughout the Land, and out of these, REAL REVIVAL will flow, and it shall be unto the least of the Brethren, whoever he or she could be.

There will arise real and true American apostles of God, who will possess authority unseen before. They will manifest ALL authority over the ENEMIES of GOD, and terrify them, and exercise this power within the church, as champions of the poor and meek, and will be no respecter of persons. They will honor every blood washed child equally, with equal love, as Jesus always does.

True Churches will spring up following their preaching, as they walk among the poor as Ambassadors of Jesus Himself, with healing power, and casting out devils; right here in America. The Pharisee/Nicolaitan One-man-glory show ends when they arrive, along with the professional ministry crowd, who make their living off of the back of the church. They will refuse money and salary, and reinstate the plural, unpaid ministry Pastors, as it was in the beginning.

It will be a time without money, and hardship, but a time when glory abounds as Jesus keeps His Promises. There will be an invading army strike, and invade America after defeating her. 100 million + will die in this war, on American soil. God is in control.

This is the final judgment on America, as she has Prostituted herself unto Babylon, and her four great sins:

1. Murder: 60 million innocent children slaughtered.

2 . Sorcery and drugs: Rampant witchcraft and an america high on prescription and illegal dopa.

3. Theft: Business is taught to prey upon all, to extract more profit, no matter what. GREED. "The Banking Spirit." It is an epidemic in America.

4. Fornication and Immorality: Sextexts of 12 year olds, Lady Ga-Ga-, Madonna, "boyfriends" and "girlfriends"= sex-teddy bears, Homosexual marriages, congressmen and women, Presidential endorsement of all sodomy, Pornography covering the planet Earth, TV nudity, Movies "R" now "X"...etc.

For these four sins, we will cease to be a nation, with every American base annihilated, along with most of our major cities, and our entire National defense forces .

Then, after a short time, we will be invaded, and occupied. I stood on the reeds around the Texas/Louisiana coast, and heard a might Army marching; thunderous cadence approaching, with the groung pounding, and there, out of the Sea they came, dark haired many, with weapons and light packs...multitudes...and the Lord Spoke "20 MILLION!"

It will be the worst of times, yet the best of times. Jesus is bringing the blessing, and with it the other side of the Sword of the Lord; the Curse. Choose this day who you will serve, and give your whole heart to your master. The wise will choose Jesus, for He is the Eternal victor and Lord of Glory.

I went into a vision. There before me was an expanse in Heaven, like a large platform. Behind this platform, I could see something like the Hem of the Robe of the Lord, with Shekinah Glory emanating from His Precense as He sat on His Throne. I was but a watcher, a Seer in this event. Everything was covered with light, some golden, some like sapphire.

There was one person standing in the center of that platform; The soul of an aborted baby boy, and I also knew that he was there to make his Petition unto the Lord. I also knew that he was disabled while in the womb; and I knew his name was David. He did not appear exactly as an adult, but not a child either. He began his petition, speaking directly to the Father. He said things like:



It was then that the Lord Spoke, in a quiet but thundering tone, "I'LL TAKE HIM!" and at the exact same moment the Lord put His heart directly into me, and my heart beat with pure molten LOVE; a fiery passion so intense, that I would have jumped into a volcano to rescue this child, and traversed Hell itself to gain him. There was nothing in Earth or under that would slow me, nor any fear; any cost presented would be paid. I began to weep and scream with passion; "I'LL TAKE HIM!" " I'LL TAKE HIM!" I'LL TAKE HIM!", over and over. My passion for this soul had become uncontrollable, like a raging white water river surging beyond.

The vision ended, and at that time I was married, and my wife was preparing to go to work, and heard me. She came into the bedroom and saw me with my hands stretched upward, grasping, and sobbing as I lay, screaming out as I spoke in other tongues. Inwardly, I was very clearly shouting, "I'll take him!" over and over. She never said a thing, and figured she should leave that one alone, and she shut the door, and went on getting ready.

I laid there for a short time when I noticed a cloud began to form above me. I was in the natural world by now, and it shaped itself like a box, above me to my right. It was glistening, and it's color was of dazzling sapphire; the color of Shekinah! I have seen it before. And then, the audible and clear Word of the Lord Spoke out of the Cloud.: "I AM LIMITLESS." a still small VOICE that I knew was God the Father.

The experience ended, the Cloud vanished. IMPLICATIONS AND IDEAS.

Obviously, when one is taken away in the Spirit and the Lord speaks to you, you must realize that it is a lifetime change for you. I carry this word, the same as I would a molten brand applied upon my forehead, as a scar. The first thing I want to say is that I KNOW that I know that God does not damn the innocent. This has helped me much to understand his great love in the face of cultures and worlds the He annihilated; From the entire OLD WORLD in Noah's day, to Sodom, Gomorrah, and the Plain cities filled with the same demons.

I understood that the Lord watched generations of the innocent born be sucked into the Juggernaut of abominational sin, as he watched these innocent ones corrupted by evil, and because He is Holy, HAD to damn them, as they became bonded to that culture. I know know, that every innocent soul killed by Him , say in the GREAT FLOOD was out of mercy for the multitudes that would perish, and be damned, IF God allowed this Satanism to continue on. This is the answer as to the scorched Earth policies in Canaan; Jericho, Sodom, and Amalek that Saul stumbled with, when ordered to kill them all...children too, and every animal.

Every innocent soul is with God; all of them. "I'll take him." and as far as receiving the Word about LIMITLESS everything about God....WOW!...has that helped; especially in the realms of warfare. I now know that ALL of Satan's might, and all of his wicked armies, multiplied by one trillion, are nothing before the Lord, and less than nothing. Jesus is without limit in His power, and a trillion Satans are less than a mere drop in a 55 gallon barrel in their power. God is limitless. Satan, and all of his angel cohorts shall soon be in the Lake of Fire, writhing forever for their sin that slew so many billions, and all of the sorrow, suffering, disease, and death to the Father's creation.

THE LORD JESUS has the power to bring each and every soul before Him, ever created, and every angel fallen, and He will, and the day is coming when He will collapse this Universe, and every star, and melt it, and begin anew, with a holy and undefiled seed; us. He had the power to rescue David, the aborted soul, and He is faithful, and will not ever leave one behind. He is limitless in His memory, in His Promises, to keep them, and in His LOVE.

Remember, one day He will say something very similar to you and me, IF we remain Faithful. "Enter in, my good and faithful servant, to the joy prepared for you."...and like David here; It is going to be very personal. Hallelujah....yours in spirit...Brother Tom Watkins.

Once the Lord spoke to me in an audible way;

"ABORTION IS MURDER. GOD HATES MURDER.".................................

It's all about mercy!"

When we withhold our love, fear, for it may cost us our soul.

His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.’

“And the one also who had received the one talent came up and said, ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow and gathering where you scattered no seed. And I was afraid, and went away and hid your talent in the ground. See, you have what is yours.’

“But his master answered and said to him, ‘You wicked, lazy slave, you knew that I reap where I did not sow and gather where I scattered no seed. Then you ought to have put my money in the bank, and on my arrival I would have received my money back with interest. Therefore take away the talent from him, and give it to the one who has the ten talents.’

29 “For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away. Throw out the worthless slave into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Once while reading Matthew 25, the Lord spoke to me in a very clear way; "IT'S ALL ABOUT MERCY!"

What was the awful sin of the entrusted slave that only received ONE talent, if that one talent was not Mercy. It is the only sin that God will not forgive. ........"And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

BUT IF YOU DO NOT FORGIVE!, ....NEITHER... will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses."

All were servants, slaves to God. Some invested their mercies, perfectly tied into agape Love, into the World, and in doing so, gained mercies from God to endure. One however hid his mercies, refusing to show mercy, or Love, rightly discerning the Body of Christ.

The end of this servant was Hades, judges, as a wicked one, and a warning to us;........."For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away. Throw out the worthless slave into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Learning how to love others, and forgiving others, is a central foundation in our walk with God, and more-so; It is a mortal command, and our souls may be in the balance of Life, or eternal death, if we, as Christians, refuse to give it away, as we have been given...even to be thrown into outer darkness in agony........


my favorite song; poem.

My strength is gone, my nature dies;
I sink beneath your weighty hand.
Faint to revive, and fall to rise;
I fall, and yet by faith I stand.

I stand, and will not let you go, until your name ,
your Nature know.

Lame as I am, I take the prey;
Hell , Earth, and Sin, with ease overcome.
I leap for joy, pursue my way
and as a leaping hart fly home;
through All Eternity to prove
Your Nature, and your Name
CHARLES WESLEY...............

By Tom Watkins

“What is whispered in the corners, shall be shouted from the rooftops!”
~Jesus of Nazareth
Not all sin is of the Carnal, lustful type. The Pharisees were described by the Lord, as whited Sepulchres….tombs …clean looking on the outside, but exceedingly corrupt within. They were the chief sinners, in all Israel. Jesus called them the Sons of the Devil , and they indeed were. Why? Because they had drank of the cup of Anti-Christ himself.

What was their fundamental desire, and their basic conflict with the Lord Jesus? Power. Plain and simple. Jesus focused upon this inward lust in the spirit of the Pharisees that is united with the Prince of Darkness himself. It is to enthrone one’s self above and over another. It is the core of Lucifer’s great rebellion and grab for power. I will ascend to the sides of the North! I will take the throne!

We must see that Ambition is the twin sister of Pride. As Love and Mercy are bound in the TRUTH..[Jesus]…so Ambition and Pride are bound as one Spirit, rooted in Satan himself. The Usurper is another name for him.
A few days before Golgotha, the Pharisees took counsel, as to how they would assassinate Jesus. “If we let him continue, the Romans will come, and take away the Nation, and our place.”

Everyone knew that this logic was but a sham. They only cared about the government of their nation, in context of their shared power. That is really All that they cared about. This Religious spirit is the most hateful of all, and the most murderous.

They also planned to assassinate Lazarus. All he did was get raised from the dead. He was a threat, though, as a testimony to the truth. The Roman’s continued long after these men had died. It is called the Roman Catholic church. Do not think though that these murderers (hundreds of thousands, maybe much more, true Christian families slaughtered for not submitting to their authority..) are the end all.
This is a Spirit. This is NICOLAITAN…Pharisee. Power is what they live for. They are the kings over the PEOPLE…over the masses; the LAITY!.. That would be us. You and me.
Jesus never let up, as did the greatest man born of woman before him; John the Babtizer. At each encounter, Jesus exposed their wickedness. It is the most evil, and pure form of Evil; that of Lordship and rulership over your fellow man. That is God’s place alone.


I wrote this while Todd Bentley was yet on stage at Lakeland. I had been in deep intercession begging God to put and end to him, as he was preparing to take his dog and pony show to Europe. My heart burned with Grief for two days or so, as I had to pray; driven by the holy Spirit.

In the middle of the night, in my home where I live alone, there was a lightening strike right outside my window; an Earthquake that rumbled through my house, and a hoard of demons tightly wrapped in this large whirling sphere that appeared in my room. It was pure evil, and my soul was being sucked into the vortex of it, and I knew I would die!

Somehow, I blurted out ;"I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus!", and it went away. I knew that it was related to the demon hoard at Lakeland, but not sure, until I saw Bentley the next day wandering around like a little lost boy. [ Godtv] He was desperately begging Emma [ his 3 foot gal pal angel with the bags of gold...] to return, as if she had left , and it was as dry as the Sahara on that stage....and, I KNEW IT WAS OVER!

Todd had been withered by the Lord! Hallelujah!
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Bentley and the withering...BY THOMAS WATKINS.

There is such a thing as withering. "Jesus saw that the fig tree had no fruit, and He cursed it. Upon return to those parts, they beheld the fig tree, and it had withered, and they marvelled."

Lakeland and Bentley have been flourishing, and as much as a splash is concerned, he made a cannonball run, maybe as much as any one man since the venerable Benny Hinn, or even for a brief moment, Billy Graham. He was on every major American news cast....most charismatic leaders have fawned and bowed before him in their glowing accolades and endorsements...and's over.

I believe he became a victim of his own outrageous and pathological lies. His penchant for ever increasing whoppers, and Elijah like encounters, combined with the sorcery like visitations became too much. even his own began to back off a bit. There is right now a revisionist history being written of him...and a vast sanitation of his teachings. They are being edited and revised as we speak.

He has a problem. Of course it is a minor problem, in the beginning, when promises are made. It always is. You just say it.... and it's true! Well, after one hundred and twenty days, and about 30 resurrections from the dead, and possibly 10s of thousands of miraculous healings, there does not seem to be any medical verification on anything! Zero. Nada. Zip. The National media saw to that. [Giraldo, God bless him, saw through him, with hard to conceal chuckles.]

Not withstanding as pathological liars do, is the increase of the fib. Minnows flitter amazingly in the bowl, you are amazed, but Moby Dick emerges and flops into your living room, and he gets your attention. Todd Bentley became his own worst enemy. He could not restrain himself. He had to reach for the Elijah mantle. Conversing with Abraham and the Apostle Paul was not enough. Traveling through time, and God always directing you, audibly was not enough. The great Angel of the Winds of change at his beck and call, protecting and anointing him, was not enough. Tumors exploding out of bodies at his great anointing was not enough. Emma was not enough. Wigglesworth audaciousness was not nearly enough, as he created the gravely ill, and knocked teeth out of the infirmed....with a full mount that would make the WWF swoon....[and that on an old lady!] bam! bam! bam Allah koolia!

But really, there was more to the story than this. It was, and is strong delusion. It was a dividing line, a separate, a harvest, if you will. Many, many of the charismatic leaders of my time, saw something that must have resembled Elijah, in their perceptions. when solid Believers in Jesus saw imps, and demons, our most honored Prophets and Apostles saw light! They lined up to endorse Todd. The great leader of the end time harvest! In a way, they were right...but not in the way they thought. They have been identified, by their embracing of the thing that murders, with the murderer. They have become accomplices, by virtue of association.

Bob Jones, The "Apostolic commission; C. P. Wagner, Dutch sheets, Chuck Pierce, Jim Goll, and all of their crew, [who demand your submission to their perceived authority] Paul Cain, Charisma magazine, the former Lakeland chiefs, All of the Toronto leaders, Randy Clark, Che Ahn, the ambulance of the Assembly of God in Springfield.....on and on. Pastors uncountable, and too many other so called leaders to name. I think of rick Joyner....I am sick to go on. Could someone do a list please, that is a researcher, of the names of the prominent who jumped aboard this ship named Emma?

Soaking prayer, with a pure Hindi doctrine of transcendental guided imagery; the emptying of the mind to translate yourself into the realms of Heaven through focus, and voiding of all conviction to EXPERIENCE....OH TO HAVE A VISION!!! AND OF COURSE , THEY DO!

At this moment, they are trying to convince Scottish believers to open their minds to receiving Angels...and laughter as joy from God. Todd's packing to Europe.

In Luke, the Lord said that the Harvest is the End of the age. He said he would send forth the angels to bundle the wicked.....the tares...for fire. He also said he would separate the righteous , the wheat to take into his storehouse...Heaven. The Harvest is not about the great evangelistic move in the End, is also about the Evil being divided unto judgement. This, is that.

This has been the most obvious unscriptural carnival of parading imps, possibly in the 20th, and 21st centuries. It is more bizarre than Mormonism was ever elevated to in the annals of the magic show. It is so obvious, that babes in Christ know, much less anyone who has actually read the new testament. It is therefore....strong delusion....sent by God! God sent it! To separate the wheat, and the other. "The harvest is the end of the age! Bentley is sent by God, in this sense.

Only a deep repentence coupled with a Godly sorrow will absolve these leaders who endorsed this Liar and false Prophet. The blood of the Lamb will not be trodden on without some retribution. God is not mocked, and that is all Lakeland and Bentley are really about. I do not wish them Firelake.

It is Harvest Time! The last thing I want to say, is that God has heard the many, many persistent cries to stop this dark parade. God had his wait until it came to some maturity, and used it to approve those who are and were faithful to Him, through Bentley's perverted dog and monkey show. I believe it is over in Lakeland, though they are trying to rebuke the blanket over them away. It has become dry, and boring....the kiss of death for any magic and animal show. The music is off key, and the shouts of victory are hollow. time to vamoose! Shim dag doomariah!

On a serious note, the wake of sorrow and confusion left behind is what our prayers should be directed too now. There will be many, many young ones thinking God let them down, or depressed when they are not pumped by the special effects, and adrenaline, thinking that God is a deserter. There will be those numbed by it all...and this maybe the most numerous group of all, and possibly the Devil's intent. Let us ask God to take time out and visit each of these, and reveal to them that this was not Jesus at all, but ancient imposters who desire worship due only Him.

Also, the many who were let down by false hope. It really does make the heart sick.

To the many who sought God for an end to this travesty, and to those who stood against , thank you. It turned out to be a united front, more than the Devil bargained for. Thank you who suffered the backlash of Hell for your stand, and thank you for those who understood the times and seasons; the sheer gravity of the innocent being so clearly devoured by the wolf. Thank you seasoned intercessors, and the young one's too. There is a cost, when approaching an army of 10,000, and you seem to be only 300. The battle is not a fairy tail. This has been real, and costly, with many casualties. Let us not put down our swords yet. Keep praying, as you are burdened. Let us be like Samuel in the face of AGAG! Yip! That's the spirit!

to my fellow soldiers....Brothertom

JUSTICE AND GLORY! America's time in the Great tribulation.

By Thomas Watkins
If this were my very last article that I ever wrote, or last encouragement, or warning, before my death, this would be it. It is the most valuable thing that I have to give, to serve the body of Christ. We must be prepared for the holocaust that is riding these winds of judgment, and realize that this is from the Lord Jesus. We are waking up, even those of us who love slumber.

Over many years, the Lord has given me several interlocking revelations about His church in America. One important piece of that is THE END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM! The Lord spoke that phrase, and revealed to me it would center around a “greed mortgage craze”, and there would be massive homelessness from the middle class, and riot like anger within the black and minority community. This was in 2003. A HOLY COMPANY WOULD THEN APPEAR.....{ See the "END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM VISION "....

But this is only a small portion of what we can expect to come, both in Glory, and in Judgment.

The end of the American dream is about the holiest company ever assembled in this country, emerging within the greatest financial judgment ever to be in this country. There are two types of judgment. One has Mercy mixed in with it; a type of discipline that gives way to the possibility of repentance, of turning back to God’s way, away from our own, and being restored, healed by our tender Father.

Most of judgment is in this vein, because the Father is most merciful and gracious, and desires all to come to Him. He takes no pleasure in the death and destruction of the wicked. This financial judgment has mercy mixed in it, and God is leaving space for the Church, and America to repent, and believe.
The other type of judgment is a judgment when all mercies are depleted.
This is called Wrath. Consider Jeremiah’s many, many, ignored pleadings with Jerusalem, and then one of them was his last; for the Babylonian warriors broke through the wall and proceeded to rape, murder and plunder; and not even

Read more »
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Saturday, March 24, 2012The End of the Money-Driven Church...with the End of the American Dream
The Lord gave me 5 open visions of Hell, and showed me different parts of the suffering and torment there. I will share one with you...I saw huge spheres there...giant balls of naked people, suspended in space. I call them the moons of Hell. Imagine a basketball a quarter of a mile in diameter...that was like so many worms...but actual naked people. Hell exists in a twilight eventide...the air is like urine and sulphur mixed...and stale. There are flames below, with naked souls embedded in them, like cement great torment.

There is the River of souls, some call Styx, that is more like a giant tube, that thrusts naked souls quickly through real flames and cold icy torment. The air is filled with coughs [that surprised me...coughing in Hell], groans, sighs, and screams a noisy backdrop...and wicked spirits fly they are bats...filling the air with chaos...and I saw angels there...who are very similar to very big people...except they are created with a perfection that is incomprehensible...that reminded me of REUBENS...AN ARTIST WHO PAINTED THEM...with slight variations in their bodies..and perhaps 20 feet or more in height...longer here, shorter there...CHAINED IN SOLID ROCK MAUSOLEUMS, dug out of 40 feet of solid granite in perfect rectangle jail cells. Their hands and feet were in chained cuffs, and all they did was WRITHE! twisting and screaming to be free.

...Back to the MOONS...everyone in these large balls of souls was magnetized to the center it seemed,,,huge...and eventually...maybe every hundred years or so, they would then be worked back to the edge,,,and then all they got in their agony was the downward view of hideous life below, as I described...I went up close to look at these forlorn...and they moaned and grunted a lot...and their bodies...their private parts forever pressed upon in their squirming...and they moaned in torment...suspended perhaps one hundred feet above the awful landscape below....

Tom: I'm a 62 year old retired military type guy, who the Lord ran down and I got saved and Spirit filled by accident. [lol] I was a God hater. But, that event was 40 years ago, and from the beginning, I have had dreams, visions, audible words, and even taken away in the Spirit with God. I am widowed a few years, and live alone; fail often...get back up again much. I am a messenger boy, so to speak; a seer.



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 Re: Mark of a True Prophet by Art Katz

Thanks for reminding me of this sermon. I'm going to have a listen again tonight.
Just as an aside, does anyone have any thoughts on whether women can be called as prophets? (A prophetess). I'm not talking about the far out, charismatic type that goes around claiming that name for themselves, but rather the true type Art is talking about.
Many thanks.

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Just as an aside, does anyone have any thoughts on whether women can be called as prophets? (A prophetess).

Luke seemed to think that they could, in Acts 21:9. I'd trust his judgement. :)

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Thanks for that :)

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 Solid teaching with much insight into the call of a prophet.

I listened to the entire teaching by Art Katz, and found it very insightful. Art did suffer his share of rejection, believe me, and lived out some of what he taught.

I did have limited communication with him during the time of this teaching, over the telephone, and he sent me the article about the coming holocaust, embedded in another article; THE HOLOCAUST AS JUDGMENT!...meaning judgment from God. He asked me to review it, before publication and get back to him.

You cannot imagine how offensive this was to the Jews of Israel who endured the savagery of Auswitch/Birkenau, and the audacity for a Jew to SUGGEST it; but Art did. In these kind of things, he was fearless.

This is the article he was referring to that shamed him wherever he went; making him an article of rabid rejection. I do believe that Israel is going through it again, but primarily at the end of the age, when the Muslim anti-Christ invades the land to slaughter every Jew that does not bow the knee to Allah, and Jesus Himself returns to settle the matter.

I respected Katz for his stand, though. Even his close friends in the prophetic movement steered clear of him as being too intense and adamant. He was one of a kind and is surely missed.

 2012/9/13 11:18

 Re: Mark of a True Prophet by Art Katz

Thanks for bringing this presentation by Art up Jeremy. I found it really encouraging. I had not fully realised why Jeremiah is so appealing a prophet to me before. It is because his personal experience is visible in his calling.

 2012/9/13 11:45

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