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 Scaps of paper that are treasures.

Last Sunday night Kevin Turner shared on our con call. Kevin spoke of his experiences ministering among the persecuted in Eritrea. One thing that gripped my soul as Kevin shared was how scripture would be smuggled into the prison camps on scraps of paper. The scraps of paper would be passed around from person to person. The verses on those pieces of paper were treasured and meditated on. They were prized more highly than gold or food itself.

Does not the Psalmist tell us that the commandments of the Lord are nore desirable than gold itself. Does not Jeremiah liken the word of God to food that becomes the joy of his heart.

I notice the persecuted are not seeking after prophetic revelations or spiritual manifestations. But delight in the word of Jesus himself. Even if on scraps of paper
Again I ask what can the persecuted teach us? Even if it comes from a scrap of paper. Would we have the humility to sit at tbeir feet? Even the feet of Jesus himself? And value what they value?

Reflections from the bear den.


 2012/9/11 15:23

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 Re: Scaps of paper that are treasures.

I like the idea here. By focusing on small scraps, we draw closer to each precious verse, sentence, and word, studying and searching them out deeper.

There are countless passages that appear so s all, and yet they open up the heavens. For instance, the first few verses of the Gospel of John start so simple, and yet reveal mysteries that unfold more and more with each meditation. Their words are like powerful microscopes and telescopes at the same time, giving us a glimpse at both the comforting closeness and frightening vastness of God.

Lord, keep my heart searching your Word forever.


Mike Compton

 2012/9/11 17:02Profile


Very excellent insight, brother. I read of a Chinerse evangelist who kept having issues with his converts backsliding. Presumably because Bibles were limited. So he would go to the areas where he had preached Jesus. He would call together the leaders. He would take a stone. Carve a verse on it. Have them meditate on that verse for a year. Then go back and carve another verse and they would meditate on that verse a year. The backsliding stopped and hunger for Jesus grew all the more.

It us not the quantity of the word known. By the quality of the life the word impacts.


 2012/9/11 17:13

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