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 Seperation - A. B. Simpson

Days of Heaven Upon Earth

Today's Devotional

September 3

"The God of Israel hath separated you" (Num. xvi. 9).

The little plant may grow out of a manure heap, and be surrounded by filth, and covered very often with the floating dust that is borne upon the breeze, but its white roots are separated from the unclean soil, and its leaves and flowers have no affinity with the dust that settles upon them; and after a shower of summer rain they throw off every particle of defilement, and look up, as fresh and spotless as before, for their intrinsic nature cannot have any part with these defiling things.

This is the separation which Christ requires and which He gives. There is no merit in my staying from the theater if I want to go. There is no value in my abstaining from the foolish novel or the intoxicating cup, if I am all the time wishing I could have them.

My heart is there, and my soul is defiled by the desire for evil things. It is not the world that stains us, but the love of the world. The true Levite is separated from the desire for earthly things, and even if he could, he would not have the forbidden pleasures which others prize.


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 Re: Seperation - A. B. Simpson

Hi Abide....

This is not a popular message in Christian ranks today...but it is what He longs for. Oh! that we would long for it too and be done with our double-mindedness.

Doesn't it make sense that Someone who is in love and is shameless about it would want the undivided affection and commitment of the one being loved?



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