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hi, i find this to be a very important item. i live in a bible col. atmosphere and spend a lot of time with the students. some actually feel they were called by God to point out error in others. the word says that satan is the accuser of the brethren. most of these students are those that are not doing well themselves.(cannot hold jobs because of others... poor grades because the teacher is boring etc.)most have left without graduating.this is not a ministry in the bible. the only people i believe that should criticize are pastors to protect sheep or other people in authority like one of our moderators. this haughty attitude is growing to epidemic proportions in very conservative churches.jimp

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 Re: The Ministry of Exposing Others - SI Forums Note

Thanks Greg. I joined the forum about a year ago, hoping to meet with believers who shared my passion for revival. While I was greatly encouraged by the sermons, I did not participate in the forum to any degree. The cheap pot shots that forum members were taking at one another reminded me too much of the many secular forums of the "dime a dozen" venue. I spoke to others who shared a similar sentiment about typical Christian forums.
However, you moderators have been doing a tremendous job since then to counter this carnal spirit and I commend you for the improvements which I have observed. May God give you wisdom and discernment to make this a unique place where Christians and seekers can profit as mature believers work together in the Spirit to build His kingdom. Since, I believe, it is God's work the enemy will try to frustrate it. Consequently, we need to be careful not to give him place here as we do when we bicker back and forth.
After I have expressed myself when I feel led to share a comment I expect the Holy Spirit to take over from there. Anyone has a right to give a reply in disagreement - it may be to my benifit - but arguing back and forth will likely get both of us to a position where the Spirit of God cannot work in our hearts. In fact, that may be the point in which He leaves the scene and gives us up to our own fleshly devices.
It also bothers me when we cannot allow the moderators to have the last word. As the leaders of this work we owe them our respect as we recognise their responsibility, and our place of submission.
May the hand of God be upon all of us as we work together in this ministry. If we are mature it may mean dropping out of a thread rather than allowing it to become a dispute. Remember, prayer is the most powerful tool of the Christian.

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 Re: A Spiritual Excercise

A short time ago an article was posted by Richard Wormbrandt. In the article he described how he went through a super market and asked do I need this or that. Richard went on to describe the freedom he felt in not having to buy anything in the super market.

I have been doing that to the forum the last few days. I am starting to ask do I need to respond to this or that. Amazingly I take greater delight in reading the post then in wanting to respond to them. Also I see I do not need to respond to everything I see. And then if I feel I have to respond. I pray for God's wisdom. There is much freedom in doing this.

I still post the prayer calls as they are like a community service. But I am throttling back on posting. Much I am sure to the relief of many.

But if we would practice what Richard Wormbrandt suggested. Might be a better forum.

Just my thoughts.


 2012/9/3 17:35

 Re: The Ministry of Exposing Others - SI Forums Note

Wonderful thread and comments, thank you Greg and all.

The key thought for me was:
"We can be right about knowledge yet wrong in our attitudes and wrong in our spirit."

This is far easier to navigate in a face to face environment with other believers because we can immediately sense if we have wronged someone by their reaction. Not so much on the internet...typed letters do not convey emotions very well.

Also, I have noticed that our usual reaction to things that we do not agree with, is to offer an alternate view but also sometimes we feel we have to go further and bring correction. The difference between the two has everything to do with gentleness and humility. If we correct in the right spirit it will not even come across as correction:)

Most of us have already made up our minds about many, many things...which is quite sad really but still this is the reality. Lets keep this in mind when we disagree and rather than try to convince someone to come around to our way of understanding, we should just lay out what we believe and leave it to the Lord to sort out:)

We are all different and we are all at different stages of spiritual maturity. We will rub each other up the wrong way occasionally...but we must humble ourselves, apologize and get over it. That does happen here a lot which is wonderful!

I once heard a brother say, "learning to not take offence over everything is really the kindergarten stage in the school of spiritual maturity..." When I first heard this I was just shows how true this is and how much I need to lighten up especially online:)

 2012/9/3 19:26


Amen bearmaster...I cannot count the number of times I have painstakingly typed out the "perfect" reply on a forum or facebook only to have the Holy Spirit prevent me from hitting the send button:)

 2012/9/3 19:33


Brother I am learning better not to post. Even a fool when he keeps silent is considered wise. When he closes his mouth he Is counted prudent.


 2012/9/3 20:07

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The spirit of accusation is the spirit of Satan.

If they are false accusations, I full-heartedly agree.


Same here.

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...Oh, you said " Apollos," phewww, I thought you said " appolus." :)

LOL. Close one!

The Internet can have a strangely personal effect on us. When we are alone at our computer engaged in argument, who are we arguing with? More often then not, I wonder if the posts we choose to respond to are simply those that most resemble the issues we are still working out in our own lives. As we filter the comments we ignore from those we are drawn to, we are reacting to ourselves.


Mike Compton

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Dear brothers / Sisters here,
I am asking the following question in the most humble way

I truly hope I am not causing a problem here.?

I truly DO NOT wish to ever !

I know,I do not know how to express things as some here,that is SO gifted
In that way...but have been SO thankful to have this outlet to share what Bread that the Lord has shared with me,...and to hope that if only it
helps just one person in the world, I would be most thankful,...that is the hope of my heart.

I do see the fierce debates,that takes place here,..are they Godly ?...but I also see some here,that is very knowledgeable in the things of the Lord.
That speak the truth in love...very Godly,and good counsel,and guidance,with much wisdom in the Word. In the body,arin't we really suppose to have that ?

( 1Cor.14:1)"Follow after love,and desire spiritual gifts,but rather that ye
may prophesy."Verse 3,..he prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification,
exhortation,and comfort.

Edify,..edification: ' To instruct and improve,especially by good example;
to benefit morally or spiritually.

edification:#3618 ...#3619 To be a house builder to construct confirm
Build-(er-ing-up embolden...architichure - a structure

exhortation: exhort,To arouse,as by word are advise;to urge strongly,to warn,any earnestly spoken words of urgent advise or warning.

Isn't it amazing how our Lord was a carpenter in building in the natural,
and then He was /is the Builder in the Spiritual,..and that is where we get our building material from,...the Bread that we break together...
Here,...Let us break Bread together,here is some that He gave me,and I will eat some of what He doth give to you.
Oh! don't we just love that Bread ?

Before this was ever brought up,I was thinking how valuable some of the
godly Counselors are here. There are quite a few.

Also,we are thankful for our moderators,they really have a big watchful- eye
job. maybe pray for them more.

We are none that cannot mess up sometimes.
So can we pray for one another and grow up unto Him,that He might be glorified .

God bless this ministry, for His sake,


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Dear Saints,

I want to thank everyone for their encouraging comments and constructive thoughts. It is wonderful to even see a thread where the majority of posters are simply affirming what they can and building another encouragement on-top of what is already there. May many more threads continue to follow in this spirit and way.

The Sister brings up a good verse 1 Cor 14:3 towards this subject with 3 key words that occour when we prophesy and speak God's word to the body of Christ:

[to] edification, (greek: oikodomē) - the word picture is here of "building up" not tearing down or speaking down on others. "promotes another's growth" in Christian virtue and their relationship with the Lord.

exhortation, (greek: paraklēsis) - the word picture here is of someone: "a calling near, summons, (esp. for help)" It is a speaking out an admonition, encouragement to someone. Websters 1828: The form of words intended to incite and encourage. So therefore the word exhort here is to speak something to incite encouragement which is a positive thing, similar to building up.

comfort. (greek: paramythia) - the word picture is of an "any address, whether made for the purpose of persuading, or of arousing and stimulating" and the root of this word is consolation and comfort. So the goal of the addressing is to see the person in the right place of the peace of God that passes all understanding.

May God fill the forums with words that edify, encourage and comfort.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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