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 Re: Anger and confusion

Hi Karl,

Been meaning to get back to this.

These last couple of replies are a bit confusing, hard to tell which prior responses you are responding to. If you could snatch a quote or refer to a name it would be helpful.

But where you brought out the effects of your upbringing, the issues with your father, it was helpful in seeing where you were coming from.
It is sad to hear such things brother, my heart certainly goes out to you.

If I may, wanted to bring out some things:

Earthy fathers are a representation of our heavenly Father.

The only thing I might add there is [i]ought to be[/i]. It does seem to foster the wrong proscription when one has an absent or harsh father and uses that as the fodder for as you stated "[i]They see God as someone with a club ready to strike them down when they sin or fail Him.[/i]"

But in all fairness the question/statement you first put here was that God was "[i]no longer[/i]" angry and that is where many of us came at it from the angle of what scripture states. In effect we missed each other by how that was put to us.

It's still a good discussion in fleshing out just what all entails God's sovereignty, His just wrath and just how far apart our often times misguided anger, stemming out of impure motives and pure (indignation) are. It just goes to show how tremendously [i]other[/i] God's holiness is and our own feeble attempts to grasp it.

My apologies for the earlier spouting off of 'heresy', think I misunderstood you as you have since clarified a bit. Think the equating with Luther and whatnot was still a bit of a reach, just don't think it warranted that label.

Mike Balog

 2005/3/6 13:00Profile

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