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From my Streams in the Desert reading this morning - for those of us in the fire....

A Bar of Steel
"I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument" (Isa. 41:15).

A bar of steel worth five dollars, when wrought into horseshoes, is worth ten dollars. If made into needles, it is worth three hundred and fifty dollars; if into penknife blades, it is worth thirty-two thousand dollars; if into springs for watches it is worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. What a drilling the poor bar must undergo to be worth this! But the more it is manipulated, the more it is hammered, and passed through the fire, and beaten and pounded and polished, the greater the value. May this parable help us to be silent, still, and longsuffering. Those who suffer most are capable of yielding most; and it is through pain that God is getting the most out of us, for His glory and the blessing of others. --Selected


"Oh, give Thy servant patience to be still,
And bear Thy will;
Courage to venture wholly on the arm
That will not harm;
The wisdom that will never let me stray
Out of my way;
The love that, now afflicting, knoweth best
When I should rest."

Life is very mysterious. Indeed it would be inexplicable unless we believed that God was preparing us for scenes and ministries that lie beyond the veil of sense in the eternal world, where highly-tempered spirits will be required for special service. "The turning-lathe that has the sharpest knives produces the finest work."

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MaMa, you found and posted a Good one. Thank you!

He's bending my faith today. My Dad needs prayer.
The love of his life was taken to ER late last night and her son told Dad "It doesn't look good." So Dad is now driving the two hr trip to be with her. I'm waiting on his call that he got there alright.
His 94th Birthday is coming this Wednesday.
PLEASE PRAY that The LORD would spare her one more time.
Her Dr has saved her many times now, just with O2 and diuretics.
It would hurt Dad so much and every B'day after this one, if he loses her Now.

Bless you much for this post and for your continued prayers!!

You have mine always - with my love.

 2012/9/1 13:36

Joined: 2010/11/20
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Praying, JiG....I will of course ask as you have requested....but just maybe God could be using this to turn your dad to see his need of 94, I would guess he doesn't have much more time....begging God for mercy!

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