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 Did God Cause Hurricane Isaac?

I got this in my email this morning...

In reading this I thought the writer was right on target and would like to share it for your edification.

I do not know who the author is other then "The Master's Slave'. I suspect it is someone who frequents SI but am not sure, so if you are the writer, I welcome you to step forward and I will give you the credit you deserve.

God bless.

Did God Cause Hurricane Isaac?

I just finished an article going through the questions and so called answers regarding why we have suffering (hurricanes, abortion, starvation, etc.), and why does God allow these things to happen?

The article said that ultimately we don’t know why God allows/causes these natural disasters/calamities in the earth.

I beg to differ. We can know the why’s and therefore’s surrounding the suffering of mankind. It has two causes or roots, if you will.

Sin and God’s sovereignty.

Firstly, sin is a reality in this world whether we want to admit it or not. Sin has permeated everything and everyone from animals to humans to insects. Sin has stained and sullied every single facet of God’s once beautiful creation.

It’s like driving a beautiful car when someone comes along and fills it with gallons of human feces. Then someone comes along and vacuums it all out and cleans it up the best they can. Even though they tried their best, that car will never be the same again.

It’s also like having someone die in your bed. That bed, room and house will never be the same again.

The earth and all that is in it, is very much like this. The world is beautiful and grand but pales completely in comparison with what the world looked like pre-fall.

We have sin in this world because of sin and the effect sin has on humanity. Man’s stubbornness, pride and ego has allowed suffering in this world. If man would treat others the same way they wanted to be treated, serve humanity genuinely, and give without getting anything in return, this world would be a whole heck of a lot better to live in.

Now we look at God’s sovereignty. The world and the history of the world can be safely looked at like a novel written by God. Every circumstance, every event, every detail has been meticulously planned out by God to the letter. Every action, word and thought has been written down before the foundation of the world. This is His story. This is His doing. The devil, mankind and everything in between are nothing more than characters in His script. He controls both sides of the chess board and He will have His way.

God control everything. God controls everything from our heart beats to when a daddy-long-legs loses a leg to a predator. God controls when birds fly south for the winter and how much snow we will ultimately get in any given year. Every atrocity, every murder, ever birth, every marriage, every lie, every act of sin has been purposely planned out by the sovereign hand of God.


Because He is God. This is enough of some of us and we accept this fact. However, most need a better explanation. God created the universe and all that is in it. He formed every molecule, every atom, every chain of DNA. He owns the universe, lock, stock and barrel. He has complete ownership over HIS creation. Nothing in Scripture denies this and no matter how man argues for his rights and freedoms, this fact will never change. If He has ownership, then He has the right to do as He pleases. It’s His right to smash His property, cut down His own tree or break apart His sculpture if He desires. Does the tree have a right to argue his cause? Does the sculpture have the right to argue his right to life?

Who caused the great flood of Noah’s day?

Who caused the massacre of the innocents in Moses’ day? Who killed the firstborn when Pharaoh had his heart hardened BY GOD?

Who controlled Herod when he decided to kill all babies two years old and under?

Who controlled the wars throughout history? WWI, WWII?

Is God a passive bystander? Does He wring His hands and try to play catch-up? Is God’s best attribute the ability to adapt?

When Christ does come back to earth to pour out His vengeance, and He kills so many of His enemies that the blood flows up to the bridle of the horses, and it takes eight months to bury the dead…who may I ask is in control of this?

God wrote the book of human existence and He will play it out just as He pleases. No matter who suffers, dies or goes to hell in the process. Does this sound cold and heartless? To many it does. But to the one whose perspective is in line with God’s and his focus is on God receiving glory, then he understands that the sole reason for the entire universe is to bring God glory.

Those who think they don’t deserve the lot they live have neglected to understand one thing: YOU DESERVE HELL!

The garbage you are living in this life is nothing compared to the hell you could be living if it wasn’t for God and His mercy keeping your heart beating day by day. You and I both think that we deserve better. We think we have some sort of right of entitlement and that gives us the assumption that we deserve better than we got. God gave you what you got. God put you in that abusive relationship. God put you in that certain city where you drink mud and eat out of a garbage dump. God placed you right where he wants you and your only responsibility is to look upon your situation not as a crisis, but as an opportunity to bring Him glory. That’s it. Why were you born? What is the meaning of life?

To bring God glory!

Simple? Yes, but hard. It means checking that ego at the door and looking out for others and not yourself. It means treating everyone as Jesus in disguise. It means sacrifice and pain. Going without while others go on vacation. It means suffering when others get fatter. It means when others are voting, signing petitions, running for government and “making a difference”, you quietly carry on, busy about your Father’s business.

Will you be misunderstood? Yes. Will you be shunned, isolated, discriminated against and pushed aside? Yes.

So was Jesus…and He was crucified as well. Are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and lay yourself at His disposal? Will you be God’s paper towels? Will you be God’s garbage bags? Think about it.

Sandra Miller

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