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 Nothing but the Cross

Nothing but the Cross
"They will look on Me whom they have pierced, and they will mourn" Zechariah 12:10
Nothing but the cross will . . .
melt a hard heart,
or bend a stubborn will,
or give a death-blow to corruption.
A sight of Hell never frightened one out of the love of sin.
The thunders of Sinai never made a rebellious heart submit to God.
Pliny, the naturalist, says that blood readily extinguishes fire. However that may be--the blood of Christ not only quenches the flaming wrath of God, but it also extinguishes the fires of unhallowed desires in the soul. It begets hatred to sin--and love to holiness.
When the Romans saw Caesar's bloody robes, they said, "His murderers shall die!" And when by faith, the sinner sees how his sins crucified the Lord of glory--he will mortify his sins! William S Plummer 1867

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 Re: Nothing but the Cross

T.Y. DesertRose

Beneath the Cross of Jesus
I humbly/gladly take my stand!!!


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 Re: Nothing but the Cross

Oh, for that glorious cross! Its power to wash us clean cannot be overstated! Its power to break sin's bondage cannot be outdone! Through the cross, Jesus Christ alone has bought our redemption. Yet, no matter how humbling it is to view Him there, that view cannot tame the flesh, which is sold under sin (Rom. 7:14). It is that beyond the cross, to the outpouring of the Spirit of God and the new-birth by the Spirit, that the deeds of the flesh are mortified (Rom. 8:13-14).

Yes, a clear view of the indescribable pain that our Lord bore on the cross is humbling indeed. That kind of humility can certainly bring a measure of conviction that arrests the flesh, but only the life of the indwelling Spirit of God lived through us can mortify sin. The work of the cross delivered us from sin's eternal penalty and enslavement; but it was by the subsequent work of the Spirit that we rose from the grave to walk in newness of life (Rom. 6:4, II Cor. 5:15-17!

I have been in some great religiously Christian cathedrals of the world where some of the most descriptive crucifixes are on display - a stature of an emaciated Jesus still hanging there. I have seen thousands of people stroll by, all of them awestruck by the sight and some of them in tears; but few if any of them with the knowledge of the walk of the Spirit in order to live the righteous life (Gal. 5:16). Many of them weep because they continue in sin and cannot stop. They feel as those who "crucify" our Lord again, and again as it were (Heb. 6:6); yet many of them want to rejoice in the victory that the cross purchased, which is a life bound to righteousness (Rom. 6:18,22). They have not been told that it is by the Spirit that we "walk in newness of life." Oh, how we need to learn the way of the Spirit more and more; but not forget the cross!

Literally billions around the world have observed the cross in humility and brokenness, and no doubt many were led to new-birth as a result of the great conviction they experienced at such a sight. But again, the vast majority who participate in religious forms of Christianity that so often put great emphasis on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, never go beyond that to a life of victory in the Spirit of Jesus Christ Himself. Orthodox religion does not illustrate or even teach the life of victory which comes through the Spirit-filled life. This is a scheme of the enemy to keep believers bound to their sin.

As we weep over what took place with our Lord on the cross, let us also rejoice in that as a result of it the Spirit followed, whereby we can live the life of God Himself!

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Indeed. Paul says he determined to know nothing except Jesus and him crucified. He applied that by saying he had been crucified with Christ. And the risen Jesus was living in him.


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