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Thanks...and I appreciate your spirit as well.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I do not know with absolute certainty whether or not the universe is billions of years old or much younger in line with a strict acceptance of the Genesis account. I just see ways in which spiritual faith and natural science can simultaneously coexist -- not as enemies -- but as two entities created by the same Author. This allows me to freely accept the possibility that God's creation could have occurred precisely as it was written.

As for that pesky tree: We just don't know how it happened because the Word of God does not include the details. There could have been rings because trees need photosynthesis to grow...and God could have provided the photosynthesis necessary for that growth in a quick or instantaneous time. After all, "God planted a garden..."

Most importantly, my point has been that God doesn't need to obey the rules or laws that He designed. Remember: We can say to those trees to get up and plant themselves in the ocean and it would be done. There aren't any "laws" in this universe that would permit such a thing...yet it is as possible as setting the sun's shadow back several degrees as a sign.

Science is a very deep and thought provoking subject. It is no wonder that it almost becomes a "religion" for some people. However, I have known some brilliant, beautiful minds that are "experts" in their fields and still choose to put their faith in God. Such faith even led a scientist-astronaut to read the Scriptures while circling the Moon in space or another to take communion on the surface of the Moon.

A few years ago, NASA allowed individuals to include names that would be etched onto microchips on probes or rovers that went to Mars and other missions in space. For the Curiosity rover that recently landed and is currently exploring Mars, I included "JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER. - Hebrews 13:8" among several other verses that I chose.

I remember telling my wife that it is great to know that the Word of God is present on the surface of the planet Mars. However, my wife pointed out that the universe was spoken into existence by the Word of God. "God is already there," she reminded me. How true that is! God is here on Earth, at the supernova that we talked about and even to the beginning and end of the universe. Physicists are looking for the origins and causes of the Big Bang. Won't they be surprised to learn where that actually leads?


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by SkepticGuy on 2012/8/27 11:43:26

before i get asked, no i do not believe in evolution. i do believe in creation. i do not believe the 6000 year old earth theory that most christians believe. i do think evidence shows the earth is much older than that.

do you believe the bible? ...I Do !

Time is subjective in understanding what it is.


Look at what science calls a black hole.

Anything caught past the event horizon is sucked in faster than the speed of light, as light itself cannot escape the velocity of gravity of a black hole pulling it in. anything that goes past the event horizon gets sucked in faster than a pico-second if you were viewing the event from inside the event horizon.

but outside the event horizon the same event can take millions of years to take place.

so which is an object sucked in at faster than light speed and occurring faster than a pico-second, or is the event taking millions of years to take place as viewed from outside the event horizon?

both are true, it happens faster than a pico-second and it takes millions of years at exactly the same time. the difference is "where" you are viewing the event taking place as to which time frame is being considered.

one event, not two events taking place at exactly the same time.

So when God said creation took six days, it is absolutely true. do you understand?

don't get sucked into unbelief.

We know for certain that from Adam approx, 6000 years has transpired. The "days" in creation as written in Genisis may very well be periods of time spanning several billions of years. To a timeless being such as our Creator, time is nothing, a billion years may as well be 24 hours when it passes. There is an example in creation that God has given us to help us understand the concept of eternity and we can plainly see this. It helps us understand how God Himself is eternal without beginning and without end.

Is there an end to space? Is there an end to the universe as we see it when we look up into the skies. When the first star was born what was in the expanse of the heavens? We can see that eveything was formless and void. How many universes has there been? At the end of our known universe, where the first/last star exists, what lies beyond it in the sea of space...another shore...another expanse of formless and void space once again?

Travell a trillion^trillion light years in one direction in a straight line and do we find yet another universe, and so on and so on? These are things we can acknowledge because we see the stars in space to give it depth, and by it we perceive the expanse of space and understand what eternity is, and thereby can understand that God Himself can be and is eternal...because He made all things that are, including our consciousness and the vastness of space.

Of the vastness of all of creation and eternity itself, did you know that God has to humble Himself to look at it?

Psalm 113:5-6

5 Who is like the LORD our God,
Who dwells on high,
6 Who humbles Himself to behold
The things that are in the heavens and in the earth?

Personally, it does not matter to me if creation occured in 144 hours of "our time" or not; I believe God could have done it in a pico-second if He so wanted to. ...because He does not exist in our realm and is all powerful beyond our understanding.

Time can be controlled and explained by the event horizon of a black hole. I won't delve into the physics aspect of space/time relativity and gravity here. Think about this one though...Without mass there is no gravity, without gravity there is no time...just the emptiness of space in a timeless ether.

...time can be controlled and manipulated...even by us.

there was an experiment done with two atomic clocks that proves this.

So, can the universe occur in a second?

The point being is time is nothing to God the Creator of the Universe. So, that leaves a the Earth 4 billion years old or is it 6000 years old? Well, both are correct at the "same time". ...depending on where you exist in time, and how and where you are viewing a particular event.


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