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 Suggestion needed at my work place

My boss is always saying that I am not structured (coming late, irresponsible etc) in my job. I also accept it.

What I felt was, If I start to please him (boss), he will use me like any thing. To finish that work I have to spend enormous amount of time. Finally I have to be slave to him and to that work. He is such a talkative that he can convert all spiritual things to work, like work is "devotion".

Once I was addicted to that work and neglected God. So now I tried to escape from that and doing my work slowly. But it gives a impression that I am slow in work and not structured.

God honored me with excellent results, even by boss was jealous at some point of time. He gave some of my projects (I have done) to others without my name. In that time I understood that, cheating is OK than quarreling. Here I may loose some thing but I can learn eternal things. Because of this decision I have learned vary valuable things, sacrifices, respecting authority. Also God gave chance to share testimony to others through this.

However, I am feeling what I am doing is dishonoring the name of God, due to my inactivity at my work place. I don't know how to proceed in future. I have fear that once I started to obey boss again I may become like machine results away from God.

Please encourage and suggest me through bible.

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 Re: Suggestion needed at my work place seem to not be a native English speaker but I think I got the gist of what you are describing.

What I would suggest is that you focus on working for God. Do you work for Him and do the best you can for Him.

Don't worry about what your boss thinks otherwise.

In other words if you are doing the best that you can for God, as if He was your real boss then don't worry about it if your earthly boss says this or that or thinks this or that about your work.

Who knows you might even get fired by your earthly boss but if you are doing the best that you can then God will take care of you and provide other work for you.

In no way do I mean to say that you should not respect your earthly boss or embrace any good input he might give you on how to do a better job or otherwise.

I am only saying that in attitude you should do the best you can for God.

Which includes respecting your earthly boss and doing the best that you can by him too but not in the place of God is all I am saying.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks. Your post is helpful to me.

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hi,it is my opinion that you are at work to work and get paid and please your boss beyond what a non believer can do. if you are doing spiritual things while getting paid then you are stealing from your company and you have no testimony with anyone on time and work as unto the Lord so that you are respected among those you work with so that you can tell your testimony.jimp

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I'm sorry, I'm not sure I quite understand your scenario. Perhaps you could clarify. Are you complaining that while at work, you have too much work to do, and that this work is keeping you away from devotional time with God?

Jimmy H

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