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Hi KP....Yes, being a woman in this world can be very complicated.

I don't think it would be appropriate for Ch'tn women to express the "shoulder/neck rub" gift to men around us for obvious reasons....unless they are members of our own families. Too much opportunity to go sideways. I feel free to give that as a little gift to the Lord cuz as a man He was completely secure in who He was....not threatened by such a physical gift.

I think it's always wise to be aware that there can be unconscious motivations driving us to do things....even tho' we may verbally deny those motivations.

I love our Godly Ch'tn men and even feel protective of them. I get angry knowing that there is a deluge of suggestive material on tv/movies, workplace, etc. I also get angry when Ch'tn women dress inappropriately.

Since I'm a woman, I feel I have the right to say this...that I have discovered many Ch'tn women who actually have a rebellious spirit when it comes to the way they dress. I think most of them feel they have a right to dress any way they want. NOT !!! And if their husbands are in agreement with the suggestive way their wives dress, then how can that family be a Godly one?

The last church I attended, I was beside myself with frustration just for that one issue alone....not to mention a host of other issues. I just shake my head in astonishment and sadness. I don't attend that church anymore and will not in the future unless a truly Godly leadership rises up and brings the congregation into a repentance.

The flesh seems to be running the show these days inside the church-at-large.

In "Magnificent Souls...." I felt a very strong sense of purity and wholesomeness. I was caught up with all the beauty that was in His Person, His emotion/sadness/longings, and in the things He wore. The whole situation was pregnant with rich meaning for me. I'm glad I was somehow able to get it down on paper.

Blessings to you and your wonderful way of expressing yourself.....

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