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 Help regarding downloading sermons.

Hello, I just had a problem that I was hoping someone here on SI might be able to help me out on.

I love the sermons of the late David Wilkerson, a man that loved the Lord, preaching with love and conviction under the power of the Holy Spirit, I would not hesitate to call him a modern day prophet.

However, with his sermons here on SI & also Carter Conlon,
anyone who listens to them would notice the intro before the actual sermon.

This message is part of the Times Square Church pulpit series, it was recorded in the sactuary of Times ect...

After this there is no message? I must say that it is some what dissapointing, I get so excited about the sermons I download and some titles just apply to me and I need to hear them, only to find out there is no message.

I you can help or explain this I would appreciate it. Also if there is no way to fix it, then another source of downloading his and Carter Conlons sermons would be great.

Thankyou Tomo07.


 2012/8/21 4:58Profile

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