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 Way to bold, underline words in posts?

If I want to emphasize certain words in my posts I am accustomed to being able to bold them and/or underline them.

Does this forum have this capability? If so how do I do that here?

Perhaps using the [b]bold[/b] html tags?

Or the underlined one's like [i]so[/i]?

I'll post and see if that works.


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Joined: 2012/3/10
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 Re: Way to bold, underline words in posts?

Hmm...guess not.

Anybody got a clue as to how this can be done?


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We have taken this feature out of the site. The major reason is that people can overuse these and the conversations are hard to read. And it will force us to use language better to "emphasis" and express our points rather then just bolding.

I trust that helps you understand why this feature is not on the site forum posts.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Hmm...well it is your forum so I respect your right to do what you wish but that is really odd.

Not sure I agree with your reasoning at all but I'll have to live with it if I want to participate here.

This forum seems to want to force people to do this or that which I find rather counter productive on a Christian forum in that bolding or having notice of replies or other such things are certainly not displeasing to God.

I mean it would seem that on a Christian forum...that what God allows would be allowed (and what He doesn't would not be) instead of burdening members of the Body will all kinds of man-made rules that hinder rather than helping one's express themselves and follow what others say.

Anyway thanks for the reply.


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When my pastor makes a "rule" in our operations as a fellowship, I submit to that rule as I submit to Christ, so long as that rule is not against the Lords word. One of the rules in scripture is that the "younger, submit yourselves unto the elder, Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility."

Though SI is not a church, we all as contributors to the forum come under the "eldership" as it were of the moderators. Instead of thinking of this negatively, maybe you may consider that there is good reason, for love "Believes all things." That is to say, love (especially between brothers and sisters in Christ) does not presume that others have clandestine conspiratorial reasons for what they do. As "elders," the moderators of this forum have made this decision which came through much prayer and consideration on their part. They also let the community members know over time what they were considering doing.

The rules governing this forum make it one of the only forums I would ever post on in the whole of the internet. It gives me great comfort as a sheep knowing that there are shepherds who care about the welfare of those who fellowship here.

As Lew Wallace once wrote, "Better law without love than love without law." Fortunately here there is a real opportunity for both law and love when the guidelines are met with both approval and consideration on the part of those who post here.

Any real church worth their salt has rules for how they operate and function. Often times they have rules that govern them which many congregation members really may never know about unless they come up against the breakage of those things. Some of those rules and guidelines are the expression of discernment that the elders have concluded would make fellowship more beneficial for the members and often times those rules may not necessarily be biblically explicit but will often be biblically driven.

I can honestly say that these considerations of the moderators makes this often a pleasant place to frequent. Under their guiding hands and prayerful consideration many unfruitful conversations have been cut short. Unfortunately the typically unfruitful contributor plays the martyr in a tragically cliche' way and fellowship between those submitted to the authority over them in humility just go on to have another fruitful round of discussions.

I encourage you to consider coming under their rules and be chaffed for a while, it is good to be chaffed.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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