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 Re: Street pastors/ healing on the streets- gospel less evangelis

I have also heard recently about a church in my town that goes to the Psychic/New Age Fair, sets up a booth and offers 'prayer for healing'. I do not know the exact wording they use or how exactly it is presented, but am I the only one who finds this disturbing. I believe after the 'prayer' is given they then give the option to recite the 'sinners prayer'.

There is something extremely off and dangerous about this approach. At least that is what I felt when I heard they were doing this. There is some kind of unholy mixing going on. Instead of being bold and outright with the gospel, they are pretending to be just another booth offering some kind of a supernatural experience.

Does anybody else find this strange?

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Hi scotsbaker,

I have read some of the articles on your website, and the "what not to do" in evangelism struck a cord in me. You say we should not use the sinners prayer, also you say not to use phrases like "ask Jesus into your heart". Do you know how many millions of people have been saved by saying the sinners prayer? I am one of them,and of all those people decades later, many of them are still walking with Christ. Also how many people who evangelize successfully use the forbidden phrases you mentioned? John 1:12 says "as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God." So they RECEIVED him, and this is not a passive thing, on the sinners part. This is active, an act of faith. We are not to be passive as you suggest. We must use our will. I did enjoy the videos part 1 and 2 on your site, which talked about how to evangelize. That man told us to use the sinners prayer, and also mentioned you could say "ask Jesus to come into your heart". Obviously, you did not make these videos, because they contradict what you wrote. How do you recommend that a person become born again?

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deltadom makes the assumption that everyone who does Healing On The Streets in the UK neither knows the true gospel nor preaches it.

I go out regularly doing Healing On The Streets and always will try to give the gospel to whoever will listen.

See my website whatisthegospeldotorgdotuk which clearly illustrates the biblical gospel preached by both Peter and Paul in the New Testament.

What I go on is there writings, literature and the people that I have met

Dominic Shiells

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