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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : And the Country was Filled with Water by Duncan Campbell

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 And the Country was Filled with Water by Duncan Campbell

 And the Country was Filled with Water by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Scripture(s): 2 Kings 3:10-20  
Description: Duncan Campbell preached this strong word on the baptism in the Holy Spirit at a camp meeting in America in the 1960's. "You can't work up revival, but you can do the digging"--a breaking through the dry crust of our hearts and removing the 'stones', anything that would hinder a consecrated life to God. The sermon is alive with vivid revival accounts, as with its sister sermon, "Lacking One Thing".

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 Re: And the Country was Filled with Water by Duncan Campbell

This message is one of my personal top ten favorites that I have listened to on SI.

I really enjoy Duncan Campbell's messages because he not only preached about revival... He was used by God to help lead one of the mightiest ones in many generations. There are a lot of guys who can "preach it" but have never actually had the experience of it. That experience is what gives such great depth and feeling to his messages. He is preaching from the scripture things that he can reflect on and say he has seen happen in his own life and ministry.

The baptism in the Holy Spirit was absolutely key in the Hebrides Revival according to Campbell. It is an experience many balk at. Some because of bad teaching...others because of fear...some may have seen abuses...some perhaps are to "religiously minded" for spiritual experiences... and others just simply unaware that the scripture shares it is this baptism in the Holy Spirit that gives us power to be witnesses.

Great message! It does a wonderful job of explaining how important the baptism of the Holy Spirit was in the Hebrides. It is also done by a man that was Calvinistic and from the more liberal branch of the Presbyterian fellowship. That unique blending of perspectives gives his message such great insight and balance.

If you are curious about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how it affects revival this is an excellent message to hear!

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