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 What Does Scripture Say About Our Calling In This World?

This question was posted to me in another thread and instead of hijacking the thread I thought it better to start another.

The wording "How Many" is not a question of numbers but rather "Have You at all". For we all know that numbers is not the key to sucessful soul winning, rather it's the quality of those souls that completely give themselves to the Lordship of Christ.

The question to me was this:

How many strangers have you shared your faith with in the last 30 days?

I am not called to save a single sinner. I have never ministered to a single soul about the saving power of Jesus Christ. I may have talked about it but never with the aim of bringing sinners to Christ. This sounds almost blasphemous I know, as it's the norm for everyone that becomes a believer to begat more believers.

Revelation 3:2 Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, ........

These words ring true to my calling. Strengthen the things which remain.

I have found that the Church of Jesus Christ is where God has caused my eyes to rest upon, not to sinners. Though I mingle with unbelievers everyday, there is a yearning that they know God, but I have not the power to stretch forth my hand to deliver the message. If anything, my tongue is glued to the roof of my mouth on such matters. But give me a believer who is down and out, give me a believer who has fallen on hard times who is at the bar room because he sees no way out of his plight. I'll go there and sit with him where no other believer would step into and talk to him, encourage him to follow Christ and God will work out his problems.

While everyone has their ministry, Evangelists are the ones that go out and Evangelize. They are the ones that go and preach the gospel to the sinners. Once they have been brought in then Pastors and Teachers step up to the plate and take these precious people in to nurture and care for them. (few do, most don't)

Pastors are overseers they are to make sure that no one gets lost from the fold. They simply are there to watch. And if they see someone who is flitting about they go and rescue them. Today that is non existent, simply because Pastors do not care. (few do, most don't)

Teachers are teachers who teach the people how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and to hear the same voice from the teachers that are teaching from thee Teacher. What they teach you should be the same thing your hearing from the Holy Spirit. The teachers today bypass this all important principle of learning to hear the voice of God for they themselves don't know His voice. (few do, most don't)

I am thankful for your question as I am grateful to be able to answer this as I have always wanted to extract it into words.

 2012/8/16 20:16

 Re: How Many Strangers Have You Shared Christ With?

Oh dear, my bad.

I just saw the thread AFTER I posted this thread of the other question that fish4souls1 posted in "Another Question" that this thread that I created was basically the same.

Admin Greg if you want to delete this, please do. I do not want to start a problematic thread.

So sorry.

 2012/8/16 20:22

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You know Approved. I thank God for you being here.


 2012/8/16 20:32Profile


No, it's a great post --- Coming from you!

Brother, you're just the man that might be willing to work on the internet with me on a Site with Lots of unsaved and half-saved folks and some other Christians.

What you think you can't do in person - you'll find that you can do on a Forum with unsaved or half-saved people.
I say "half saved" because I can't think of a better way to describe these folks. You'd have to see it for yourself.

If you think you'd be up to dealing with anything like helping folks look to The LORD instead of guns, cussing, etc. - let me know. I personally think you're the type of guy that would fit that calling ... if you can go into bars and such :)

Hey, somebody's gotta do it. Right?

 2012/8/16 20:38


Adding that - No pressure from me Brother.
It's just that this type witnessing calls for gentleness and I trust you for that.
But please don't fear saying that you don't have time or feel called.
Just thought I'd ask. That's all.

Many Blessings to you & yours!

 2012/8/16 20:46

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Just a thought, Approved,

Why not reword your question to something like this: How do God's people become a light to the world, salt of the earth, ministers of reconciliation?

In other words, what does scripture say about our calling in this world? That kind of question is bound to open exciting insights for you - because it will immerse you in scripture - and open before you God's marvelous purposes and plans for humanity!

Happy adventures!



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 Re: How Many Strangers Have You Shared Christ With?

"And if they see someone who is flitting about they go and rescue them. Today that is non existent, simply because Pastors do not care. (few do, most don't)"

Just an encouragement, there are some still who do brother. I know you said there are...just confirming it.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2012/8/16 21:47Profile


Dian your suggestions for a different title encouraged me to change it. Done!

 2012/8/16 22:01

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