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Matthew you wrote:when you have "MEMBERS" that say Jesus isn't always the truth, or another member that believes whole heartily that by WORKS they will earn salvation or another member that says PRAY TO SAINTS.... that's why I'm upset, It really breaks my heart to see a venue with so much potential fall by the ways of this world.


can I ask you who it is that has posted these things? I don't claim to know everyone who posts here but I have never read anyone say that JESUS is not always the truth and I know of no one who prays to saints?? It seems like you have the impression that those who post here are RC I don't know anyone who posts here that is a Catholic.

(Edit: I had said that I thought I understood why you post so aggressively but truth is I don't.) I wonder why the need to come in yelling and angry??Perhaps you do not realize but your posts come off as very angry. There are many here who love the LORD and seek to live for HIM daily but you have not taken the time to get to know anyone. Perhaps if you were not so busy accusing you might read some of the threads that are not so popular, you might find that there are many seeking to live there life daily unto JESUS as LORD of their life.

Just a suggest of course you will do what you will do. I still wanted you to know that in Christ I love you and will pray for you. I realize you did not ask me to but in reading your post I feel led to pray for you...

God bless

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I've read several of your posts, some of the things you say perhaps are factual, and some may not be, but one thing clearly discerned is the spirit all of it is presented in is not in demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power nor the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, but mere flesh and the plausible words of man's wisdom. You certainly have a lot of zeal but it is clear you are using it to gratify your own flesh. I'm almost sure in your mind what you're doing is the right thing, but it is quite obvious that the cross hasn't done an adequate enough job yet concerning your human wisdom, fleshly zeal and self-glory for the Holy spirit to make you useful to the Master, instead you are doing more damage than good. The cross that the Lord commanded you to pick up is meant to slay YOU, not other Christians.

R. Evan Gombach

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If you did read something here which contradicts the Word of God or promotes some type of confusion, then lovingly address it. Sometimes the words we write or type don't accurately convey what is in our hearts and it becomes merely a matter of crossed communication. That is okay. It happens often and it creates a beautiful opportunity for discussion and clarity. I have learned so much from the saints here who have corrected my thinking or expression of faith. Listening is a gift that keeps giving, Brother.

It is evident that you have acquired the attention you've sought and perusing through your website, you have many interesting life experiences to share. Experiences which have impacted your faith and that of others. You do love Christ our Lord, it is apparent. So, transfer this love and passion that you have for the Lord to your brethren here at SI. You definitely have some gifts and talents which could be more fully realized if you expressed them in love. The fact that you have devoted an entire webpage to bring glory to the Lord is indicative that you invest a great deal of time and energy into growing your faith in Him. Though, your enthusiasm tends to run away with itself.

Your love for the Lord is evident, but let's not neglect our love for our brother. You expressed so much compassion, understanding, kindness, gentleness and brotherly affection for the men you witnessed to and shared your faith with whilst in prison. On your webpage, you wrote very humbly about how the Lord used the mustard seed of your faith to move the spirit of a "HE-MAN", as you described. Where is that gentle spirit now, Brother?

If you had related to your brothers in prison with the same harshness which you have expressed here on SI, do you think that they would have responded in such a miraculous way? The gift of faith and spirit which the Lord gave you in grace to move the men in your prison ministry is no less valuable now. Why flip the script, so to speak? The script will always be the same; God's Holy Word is the Truth. Truth in Love, yeah?!?

You don't have to "fish for souls" here, Brother. Let's be in agreement, as we all acknowledge the same Master and Commander of our faith.

Peace offering!



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After reading your words and a few others... I have a lot to learn, so in saying that I humbly come before this entire venue and ask for forgiveness. In my zeal for the Lord I have created the very thing I preach against and that is division. I just want everyone to know what God has put on my heart, but I have no excuse.

I would also ask that I be allowed to stay a member that gives a soft word that turns away wrath while gaining knowledge and growth from God speaking through fellow servants.

I'm so sorry


 2012/8/17 17:37

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Matthew - I want to encourage you for posting this apology; a wise, sincere and Scriptural thing to do. I've been following this thread but have resisted jumping into it. I know from experience that zeal for the Lord Jesus is a wonderful thing, and one of the ways He conforms us to His image is by wisely tempering our zeal with Godly humility and grace. He's taught me this in my own life :-)
A handshake to you; I'm grateful for your love for the Lord, and your desire to make Him known.



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Brother Matthew,

You don't need any excuse, ALL is forgiven, yeah?!

Fishn4Souls1 wrote:

"In my zeal for the Lord I have created the very thing I preach against and that is division. I just want everyone to know what God has put on my heart, but I have no excuse."

Welcome to the club! You are not the only saint who does this. We all do and rely on our Master's grace and example to stay on course in following Him. Yet, you express a very beautiful impulse, Matthew, which resounds in the hearts of all of Christ's followers and that is the
desire to "want everyone to know what God has put on my heart"! Of course you do! Especially as it is soooo good what He puts on our hearts. And what a blessed spirit the Lord gave you to have such an excitement for Him! Yet, for the saints, the most exciting thing in the world, no universe, it to be used of God. And you truly have been. It shows in many ways. But you can be used here, too. You already have been.

We all have a lot to learn. Isn't that great?!? And God plans for us to use each other to learn. You don't have blow your own horn - You are in Christ - look at what He has already enabled you to do! In Christ, you have touched the souls of some of the most unreachable individuals in society, God's beloved who dwell in prison. We learn from the Lord's Word via the example of Paul's life how God houses His most prized treasures in a prison cell. These imprisoned men probably stopped listenting to the world a long time ago, but they listened to you, Matthew. Probably because you resonated the "still, small voice" of our Lord. You decreased and therefore...the most unlikely men who "don't look the part" had their beautiful souls ushered into the Kingdom.

Of course this is a Big Deal! Especially as it brings glory to God. I hope that you remain a member, Matthew. Afterall, you are certainly a part of the Body.

Will be checking in to your website. And I may even buy one of your books.

Hope to hear from you again.



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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


We have deleted this users account for many reasons, including personal correspondence over the problems he has personally with this website moderators. As per the community rules we simply ask people to move onto to another christian discussion forums that cannot abide by the community guidelines and respect the guidance of the moderators in some way.

We just want to attempt these forums to be a place that is edifying, encouraging, not condemning or a place where people can be hurt and crushed by harsh and strong accusations and words.

We covet the prayers of God's saints to let the hand of the Lord continue to rest on this site and that the conversations will be encouraging and uplifting in our personal walks and journey's with the Lord.

We have locked this thread.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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