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by Fishn4Souls1 on 2012/8/17 6:33:14


It's amazing every time I see a response such as yours. How are we keeping score - It's not a game, this is our command - go and preach the gospel to every living creature - Is it not?

The only thing I boast in is my weakness - When we sit comfortably and say "God I know that You have commanded me to Go and preach the gospel to every creature, but I'm gonna sit here and pray. I know You have said "How will they hear without a preacher", but I'm gonna sit hear and pray..because it sure is easier to talk to God about people than it is to talk to people about God.

MaryJane, I have read some of your posts you have such a heart for God... but yet you are wavering - you okay with being the same wimpy "Christian" because you don't know how to go any further. You are being bogged down by LUKEWARM, Apathetic, complacent so called "Christians" who swear by what they say but cannot and will not give an answer when asked about their faith - don't believe me look at the word - 1 Peter 3:15 - "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear"

Please Mary Jane I implore you - Let HIM right now stretch you, mold you, teach you, embrace you, heal you right NOW!

I pray in the matchless name of Jesus that HE does a work in your heart and enables you to take ground for HIS kingdom every day!

Wow how to respond to such a reply... Its clear by your words what you think of me so I think the best thing to do is just tell you in CHRIST I love you and will be praying for you.

God Bless

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I checked out the fisherman's website and was surprised to find that of his two books, one was self-published and the other...well, for $6,500.00 of your own money, you, too can self-publish your own book through Thomas Nelson Westbow Press, with a free website while supplies last!

Self-publish? Huh?

Prayers and Christ's Love to ALL,



 2012/8/17 13:25Profile


Please Mary Jane I implore you - Let HIM right now stretch you, mold you, teach you, embrace you, heal you right NOW!

Um.....He is doing all these things NOW in her life.

You say that we should all get out there and preach the gospel. While everyone is out preaching the gospel, who is feeding the poor, who is tending to the needs of the Church, who is teaching, who is comforting the feeble minded, who is working in the world to be a monetary benefit for others?

When does the leading of the Holy Spirit come in?

Even the Apostles saw the great need not to involve themselves in the affairs of the Churches needs but appointed others to do that so they themselves would be given to the word of God and prayer.

They put the GREATER emphasis on the word of God and prayer.


Because that was the ministry of our Lord. He spent much time with the WORD and much time in prayer. This is the secret of the Christian life. Nothing else matters, even soul winning takes second place.

Here oh Israel, thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart soul mind and thy strength, and love thy nieghbour as thyself, this is the most important commandment of all.

Gods will through the act of Jesus Christ was to bring man back into fellowship with Him, more than that, for God to live in man.

It's His will that no man should perish, but it's also His will that we obey Him.

Jesus commissioned the eleven disciples to go and preach the gospel and make disciples, He did not tell that to us. He told them that.

We must get our direction TODAY as to how He wants us to proceed.

Do you think that MaryJane and others on here haven't prayed for the will of God to be manifest in their lives?

I can tell you of a surety without asking them but knowing them through these postings that they have asked and press on seeking where God wants them to be.

You belittled prayer in your last post. The people that pray, the people we don't know about that are praying are doing more to push back the powers of darkness than any preacher that is preaching today.

The preacher is the spokesperson for the Church. They are the ones that get the heat, the ridicule, and the limelight. Paul, that great man of the early Church coveted the prayers of the saints. While he and others were hazarding their lives for the saints, chosen to stick their necks out in sacrificial love for the brethren, even to lay their lives down for the Church, they were not hesitant to humble themselves and receive their prayers for he himself in his our of need, prayed for the Church that they too would not fail.

What wonderous love, what a wonderful Gospel that we have today.

Without prayer and faith nothing gets done.

When the disciples were trying to cast out the devil out of a man they forgot one powerful element to their ministry, Prayer.

Jesus said, this kind cometh not forth but by prayer and fasting.

The prayer is to pray for the Fathers' instructions. That is what Jesus was saying to them. They were not praying, they were doing what Jesus told them to do preach the gospel, but again, just being told to do something doesn't make anyone close to God. They may go through the forms of obedience, but that doesn't mean they know God. The disciples were children in their understanding of the Lord's instructions, they didn't know any better. But after they were filled with the Holy Ghost, they understood it was necessary that they not leave the word of God and prayer because they knew where their power lies, it's not in works lest anyone should boast.

Martha was running around preaching the gospel, setting the table, getting the house ready, constantly on the go and her sister Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus receiving instruction, receiving the word that flowed out of His mouth and yet Jesus said that what Mary discovered was the better thing.

There is a place for everyone of us and right now we desperately need instruction. We need to know a few things.

God was in no hurry when He left the deliverer Moses in the wilderness for 40 years before he was ready to be used.

God is in no hurry today, Martha is in a hurry, Mary hath found the best part.

 2012/8/17 13:28


I'm sorry you feel that way.. and to the one that said I may end up in Jail... been there done that 46 month prison sentence... Since then... God has enabled me to pen 2 books, speak the gospel in Haiti, He restored family relationships, Sept 2012 He has granted me a trip to Kenya, Oct Bolivia and then Nov India... so I graciously and willingly accept your persecution because I know God is at work.

For someone who is doing all that, I do wonder why your not in prayer instead of being on the Internet. If I was given that assignment, I'd be fasting and be up all night praying. September is fast approaching and those distant shores that your travelling to, you should be asking for prayer from the saints for your journey to these countries. You haven't asked nothing. And I can see why, Pride reeks in your postings.

Call it persecution, but you should humble yourself even when you believe your right.

God Bless you brother, I hope the Lord shines His light on your path and causes you to return under His grace.

 2012/8/17 13:41


I don't ask for me.. and I trust my father will provide every need already...How is it prideful if i'm not asking for me... and I'll show you my faith by my works....How do you know when and for how long I pray?

See the difference it seems between you and I is when I ask my father for something in HIS name... it's already done....

ASK FOR PRAYER FROM THE SAINTS?? I suppose as a catholic you assume that you are saved and on your way to heaven.

Your name says in all - Approved - how when we all sin everyday... wouldn't that name alone fall under prideful attitude.

 2012/8/17 14:05


and it's not me that's doing anything... I am NOTHING without Christ...

 2012/8/17 14:07

 Re: Wha...???

KP -

The amazing blessing is who provided the $6500.00 -- after serving a 46 month sentence and then only being released from prison 2 months...

It's very upsetting that you sign your posts Prayers and Christ's love to all -

Thanks for the visit to my blog... planted a seed :)

 2012/8/17 14:17

Joined: 2012/7/12
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Southeast USA


But I include you in the prayers and love, Brother.

What I don't understand is why you are so upset? Where is your joy which comes from the Lord? You seem to have a lot of zeal for the Lord as evidenced by the "work" you have put into developing your ministry, books, websites, missions trips, etc. But, we thank God that He can see through our efforts and into our hearts.

As for your heart - it beats with a persistent passion to criticize and accuse your brethren of things in which you have absolutely no evidence. From the outset, Brother, you have been "fishing" for trouble and confusion in a venue where the Word and Spirit of God is exalted. Yet, on your webpage, you open with this commentary about the power of words, quoting Proverbs 21:23 – "To watch over mouth and tongue is to keep out of trouble" - So why are you trying to cause trouble here, Brother?

I'd like to quote the next verse in Proverbs 21:24 where our Lord warns that "The proud, haughty person, named 'Scoffer,' acts with arrogant pride".

Hence, if your bait is trouble, you will catch no fish here. We will only love you and pray for you in return. It saddens me to see someone attacking his own body. Why not focus your posts on God's Words and not your own. Maybe, then we can find something to agree upon in your strained efforts to fellowship. Again, Proverbs teaches us in the same chapter you reference on your webpage, "No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel, can avail against the Lord" (Proverbs 21:30).



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Joined: 2012/7/12
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Post Deleted Here

 2012/8/17 15:00Profile



The Lord hates those who cause division among HIS people, so it is never my intend to cause trouble but I have NO fear in speaking against apathy

How is it possible that this venue is where God, Word and Spirit is exalted?

when you have "MEMBERS" that say Jesus isn't always the truth, or another member that believes whole heartily that by WORKS they will earn salvation or another member that says PRAY TO SAINTS.... that's why I'm upset, It really breaks my heart to see a venue with so much potential fall by the ways of this world.

I'm sorry KP but sitting in a comfy chair writing posts that make people feel good isn't taking ground for HIS kingdom... it's complacency... it's laziness and basically those that do this are saying "GOD your not worth the extra effort"

 2012/8/17 15:14

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