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 Another Question

How many times have you shared your faith with a perfect stranger in the last month?

 2012/8/16 17:05

Joined: 2002/12/11
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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Another Question

My friend,

we responded to your last thread to ask you to consider not just posting one-liner questions in the forums, we want these discussion forums to be meaningful discussions, not trying to accuse or catch others in their words or responses.

The community rules are something every user of these discussions should take time to go through:

Also in the past we deleted your account for a few reasons and asked that you would not participate again in the forums. So we would ask you to consider again to not participate in the forums here because of the problems last time when you were here.

Last time you were repeatedly posting your articles over and over. And your comments were less charitable to members, when the moderators tried on numerous occasions to share with you about these problems you disregarded them. Therefore we deleted your account and informed you why.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/8/16 17:15Profile



As you are well aware I speak from my heart and I don't worry about offending for the cause of Christ.

No, you deleted my account because you didn't like what I had to say. I asked you if you have shared your faith with even 1 person over the last 30 days and you couldn't gave every excuse in the book... I pray these words don't ring true when you face judgment "Depart from me you who practice lawlessness, I never knew you."

How do you support people that say - Jesus isn't always the truth, or another that firmly believes - by their works they will inherit heaven - HOW DO YOU DO THAT

You have the opportunity to reach millions of people with this site and you choose to amuse them. Your afraid to speak truth because you may loose members... or your stats may go down.. shame on you and the other moderators

I came back here praying you would listen to the Lord speaking to you but to my dismay you still choose to harden your heart. I weep for these people that will follow you and your moderators who set rules and regulations like a long list of chores - knowing that its just behavior modification for the poor. Charles Spurgeon, Leonard Ravenhill and a few others would weep over your complacency.

 2012/8/16 19:23


The way you've come on here again - shows something in you that is not of Christ and that type of attitude that you give off may very well land you in jail someday but Not for "the cause of Christ".

You were not banned for asking this thread question.

Now, what is a liar?

 2012/8/16 20:15

Joined: 2006/7/31
Posts: 3057


My issue with this thread is the way the question is worded, asking "how many"... It seems like the person asking is keeping score and I just don't feel right in the spirit about that. I could go into detail about how I share here with strangers in the forum or with others GOD brings me in contact with but then that could come across as boasting and I have nothing in myself to boast of. Also I don't keep a scorecard of "how" many I share with, GOD knows and really that is all that matters don't you think? Its not about trying to prove myself to anyone its about living daily in submission unto the LORD JESUS. Some may consider my answer just an excuse to avoid the question and that is alright too :)

God bless

 2012/8/16 20:29Profile


Maryjane, those are my thoughts exactly.

When it comes to numbers we should be like the guy that played the piano, get off the stage or leap into the baptismal tank to avoid the applause.

 2012/8/16 20:33

Joined: 2011/8/3
Posts: 86


MaryJane said: "Some may consider my answer just an excuse to avoid the question and that is alright too :)"

Good stuff, sister! Amen, and thanks for that.

 2012/8/16 20:38Profile

 Re: Avoiding the question


It's amazing every time I see a response such as yours. How are we keeping score - It's not a game, this is our command - go and preach the gospel to every living creature - Is it not?

The only thing I boast in is my weakness - When we sit comfortably and say "God I know that You have commanded me to Go and preach the gospel to every creature, but I'm gonna sit here and pray. I know You have said "How will they hear without a preacher", but I'm gonna sit hear and pray..because it sure is easier to talk to God about people than it is to talk to people about God.

MaryJane, I have read some of your posts you have such a heart for God... but yet you are wavering - you okay with being the same wimpy "Christian" because you don't know how to go any further. You are being bogged down by LUKEWARM, Apathetic, complacent so called "Christians" who swear by what they say but cannot and will not give an answer when asked about their faith - don't believe me look at the word - 1 Peter 3:15 - "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear"

Please Mary Jane I implore you - Let HIM right now stretch you, mold you, teach you, embrace you, heal you right NOW!

I pray in the matchless name of Jesus that HE does a work in your heart and enables you to take ground for HIS kingdom every day!

 2012/8/17 12:33

Joined: 2002/12/11
Posts: 37096
"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11



We do not allow for accusing others in the forums here. Also it is not your place to come here and exhort others as if it were your church. This is a place for mutual edification and growth.

We have sent you a personal message that we are deleting your account.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/8/17 12:41Profile


I'm sorry you feel that way.. and to the one that said I may end up in Jail... been there done that 46 month prison sentence... Since then... God has enabled me to pen 2 books, speak the gospel in Haiti, He restored family relationships, Sept 2012 He has granted me a trip to Kenya, Oct Bolivia and then Nov India... so I graciously and willingly accept your persecution because I know God is at work

 2012/8/17 12:49

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