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Understand that his conscience has been seared... he doesn't want to hear the gloom and doom preaching .. he would rather walk into a building he calls church with a smartphone in one hand, and a coffee in the other sporting some Bermuda shorts while putting his feet up in the altar saying just tell me how blessed i am, tell me i'm okay, tell me everything's gonna be okay ...all the while watching PowerPoint presentations about a God he doesn't even know... It's sad to say but some of today's "Christians" know NO more about God then the pagan that sits in the bar on Sundays.

I figured this must be a carry over from the last post. But let me answer every accusation.

Conscience seared?

Only God knows the hearts condition.

Gloom and Doom preaching?

You are right I don't want to hear this at all. I want to hear Holy Ghost preaching with fire and demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

Going to Church?

I haven't been in a Church building since 2006. I left it because God told me to get out and I haven't heard from Him since to return to it.

I don't own a smartphone. To be frank, I don't know how to operate it.

I never drank coffee in a Church sanctuary.

Bermuda shorts?

Never wore shorts in a Church Sanctuary, the closest thing to that would be Jeans and a Tee.

Putting one's feet on the altar?

I always viewed the Altar as the most sacred place because it's where people always came to meet Christ for the first time, got healed or received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Tell me everything is going to be okay?

You know, that is one thing I never have to ask. He comes and tells me what I have need of before I pray. Sometimes He tells me to take a walk and talk to Him and when I do everything that was worrying me that day and hour becomes as nothing.

What is a Power Point Presentation? What is power point for that matter?

God Bless my brother. :-)

 2012/8/16 19:29

 Re: dvndsn

My apologies. My remark was out of line. I never can tell if the original poster is being serious or not. There have been some crazy threads that gave gotten started that got a little wacky.

I expect that I will be the one fasting from my words for a while. The thread that was posted has really resonated in my spirit. Yet I will have to continue posting the prayer calls for Sermon Index. I expect I will be in silence in the bear cave for a time.

Actually some may consider that a blessing.

Bearmaster standing down.

 2012/8/16 19:31


Approved... that's the best news I've heard on this site.. I'm thankful for a true Christian. But maybe I was speaking to others...

All that said.. How many strangers have you shared your faith with in the last 30 days?

 2012/8/16 19:32


Bearmaster said,

I expect I will be in silence in the bear cave for a time. Actually some may consider that a blessing.

I don't!

 2012/8/16 20:26

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 Re: bearmaster

It's all okay brother. There have been some out of line threads here lately, but the moderators have done well to keep SI in check. The fasting from words thread would do us all a huge favor (including me). Love you, brother.

 2012/8/16 20:33Profile

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