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 New Movie: Indoctrination and Public Schools

Dear Saints,

I was made aware of this new, professionally produced movie about the indoctrination that was secretly planted in the public school system from the beginning; and how it continues to this very day.

The fact that this is so is nothing new to me, and perhaps it won't be to some of you; but it is very eye-opening and I encourage you to watch it and forward it to anyone the Lord speaks to you about. I am particularly thinking about those believers who still have their children in public school.

FYI: We home-schooled our children and they all scored very high, gaining scholarships in various universities and each one graduating Summa Cum Laude. We praise God for the wonderful education they received through our hard work at home. I am not boasting at all, but I mention this to encourage others about how well their children can do in a disciplined home-school situation. Anything, however, is better than public schools!

 2012/8/14 2:31

 Re: New Movie: Indoctrination and Public Schools

but I mention this to encourage others about how well their children can do in a disciplined home-school situation. Anything, however, is better than public schools! proclaimit.

The situation in the USA seems to be more defined than in the UK. Although it is still difficult to bring the gospel into UK state schools it isn’t as yet impossible. One thing which has always been surprising to me here in the UK is the resistance by believers themselves to home schooling. My wife home schooled our children using the ACE system. It proved to be just fine and they have all done well. The key does seem to be discipline of course otherwise the children will inevitably do childish things and end up missing out. If the choice was the public or state system or home schooling I would very definitely elect for home schooling. It isn’t an easy choice to make because it is a lot of hard work, but spiritually there is no choice if we can see the reality of the time we live in.

 2012/8/14 5:28

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Thank you for posting. We have 4 children and one on the way and have been homeschooling for almost 3 years.



Jeremy B Strang

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what about socialization?

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 Re: New Movie: Indoctrination and Public Schools

This was a very well done film. Anyone with children should watch this movie.

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Thank you for this link, saints!

The Lord granted me the grace to retire early from both the public and private school systems as a special education teacher (only a ten year stint both domestically and internationally).

Oh, man! The utter detachment I observed at the end of my career! I lovvvved my students and families with the devotion of a mother hen, yet the constant compromise between advocating for the rights of children and families and keeping my job or avoiding professional isolation was an impossible decision to make. It's like I was being instantly immersed in the greatest corruption you could imagine. You'd be surprised what your taxes pay for in the effort to provide a "free and appropriate public education". It's not free, nor appropriate.

I found that I could be of more service as a volunteer professional than a publicly employed one. I don't know if I could ever go back to public schools.

Will defintiely be watching out for this movie!

Thank You again,



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I watched this video a few months ago and it is true that the public school system results from Communistic (marxist) ideals. We must realize how much we have been influenced by them.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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We for similar concerns embraced the option of homeschool for our sons. For anyone looking for a worthy (or at least the next best) Christian based curriculum that seem to be main stream), it is called A.C.E (by We've had to use a seemingly pagan compiled curriculum for our older son's Grade R (Kindergarten) level last year (and reluctantly for Grade 1 this year).
After being grieved by the wide spread of a 'fallen man's culture and appetites' across the resources, I undertook a project (amongst others) to create or mobilize the creation thereof of Christian friendly elementary resources which I would then make available online. I am now glad such a multinational and hopeful seeming already exist. I say hopeful because I only read around it and never had the actual look at a sample resource.


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