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Hello:) i came across SI last night while i was on youtube, watching Louis Giglio's How Great is our God feeds. I was very drawn in by the video Intro's and the ripple continues,lol!

A brief intro, i'm female, 26 years old, born and bred in Namibia.

I call Jesus my PapaBossPal as a reflection of who he is (meant to be) to me.

i'm here to seek edification, im terrified of burning out and i'm hoping others get blessed through my contibutions as well.

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Hi,

Welcome to the SermonIndex website, may God bless you as you benefit from these free resources offered. If there is anything I can help you with please let me know. Here are some recommended audio resources that have blessed many and might be something for you to first take a look at:

Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead

The Revival Hymn by Various Speakers

Judgment Seat of Christ by Leonard Ravenhill

His and His Alone by K.P. Yohannan

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Welcome, Etuna!

It is so great to have you! This site is a great place to be. For those who are in love with God's Word, you feel like a kid in a candy store, here.

Wait until you visit the "Discussion Forums". The saints here are not only in tune with the Word of God, but very loving in their fellowship. The forums are captivating and the SI moderators are very engaged.

For example, SermonIndex (SI) just started a "House Church" Movement under the "Find Fellowship" link on the left menu. What a great service to the Body of Christ!

The folks who frequent this website are the most "real life" virtual people I've met. They have read EVERYTHING a library can hold, and yet, still search the scriptures with whole hearts and minds. They come across as very authentic Christians, as they test everything according to the Truth of God's Word. It is so encouraging how the saints here help each other along in their understanding of scripture. The people here are like goldminers. And they actually pray for each other and with each other in various threads.

The saints here are so blessed and gifted with biblical wisdom, yet humble and gentle as doves. Some of the saints here have actually served the Body as missionaries and some of the authors published here fund and actively participate in international missions projects and churches. And I have yet to read of anyone "bragging" about themselves.

Etuna, there is so much of Christ's love shared via this precious ministry. They provide access to written and audio sermons by the most gifted saints in the world. And can you believe that SI has free audiobooks? It is impossible to leave this site and remain spiritually uninspired.

I hope that I am not overwhelming you, Etuna. I never thought I'd see the day when the Lord would be blessing "websites"! I usually am very distrustful of the "web" - but once you've spent some time perusing the discussion forums, you'll see for yourself.

I'm glad you are here and hope that you will join the discussions and prayers buzzing through this site.



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Joined: 2012/8/13
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Why thank you very much KP:-)

KP, I got about the same impression about the memmbers, administrators etc, when i read though some post here and there and im so happy to have been led to come across such a precious site.
Ii wish i had some exciting thing to already share but i just want to listen to a few more sermons and read a bit more of the wonderful discussions before participating any further* hides* lol!

PS: There's nothing better than being overwhelmed for Jesus so go right ahead at Any Time! lol :)

Thank you once again for the beautiful znd warm welcome, i'm sure we will engage again but for now, blessings!

Tina :)

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 about PapaBossPal!

Something about your intro/post struck me as ever so real, and genuine Etuna. I am ever so glad to meet you, too.

I will enjoy hearing your perspectives, and ideas about your PapaBossPal! as He is exactly the same to me.

We here in the West need your perspective and testimony, as we are one body, one bone, and please show us mercy some too, and do not be offended when we/I show how spoiled we are.


 2012/8/14 7:35

Joined: 2012/8/13
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 Re: about PapaBossPal!

Thank you very much BrotherTom,

And im glad to hear we have something in common:-)

i still get dumbfounded at the thought that We are these priviledged aNd highly favored of God himself!!!

and dont worry, offense doesnt hit me easily anymore, lol! i've been forgiven of way too much.

PS: please forgive my spelling, My device gets annoying at times.

Meet again soon Tom;)

thanks again for the warm welcom and see ya!


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How do you do soldier!




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 say hey!

You are welcome Etuna. I am coming to Africa soon. If you would like to talk more;

Appreciate you. Tom

 2012/8/15 4:55

Joined: 2012/8/13
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 Re: say hey!

Thank you BrotherTom, I just might take you up on that.

I have so many silly questions that sprout up almost all the time...

I read through some of your comments on the various discussion boards and so I can hardly wait for your contribution on whattever it is i'll think up to ask, lol.

Lately I've just been doing alot of exploring on the site (Discussion Forums mostly) and I just Absolutely love and appreciate what God is doing here through Greg,
*virtual Hi5 to him... lol!

I must admit, I was very cautious even after signing up but my spirit is more and more appeased each time I come across a sermonindex response, or when I read the Guiding Principles etc. There is a lot of sincerity expressed (but most importantly, upheld) towards simply just connecting the body of Christ, through the mutual love we all have for our Lord, rather than the differences that are (even here) so rife and destructive in the long run.

I've still got bucket loads to learn in my own walk with my PapaBossPal and I believe it wasnt by chance that I came across SI...

The mission, the people, since 2002? This is what I call priceless!!!

I will post a question about an area I'm really needing clarity in on a separate discussion:)


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