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 Flood in the Philippines

Flood in Manila, Philippines and other provinces...


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 Re: Flood in the Philippines

Thank you for reporting this, Joliboy. We as members here will become a Powerful force as we make commitment to pray together over news and requests that we see here on SI. If we join together in that commitment, agreeing to join together as a Family and pray for these people and maybe fast from at least one small thing that we were going to drink or eat - like a dessert or something like that, while we pray together for these type needs.
To see the photos and all, grips the heart of a human being and twists the compassion of Christ Into us, the kind that He feels for living souls.

Thank you again!

 2012/8/7 11:33

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I wanted to take a moment and say thank you also for sharing this here with us. I will be in prayer for those struggling in these floods.

Thank you and God bless

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May I say that incidents such as this are not unusual in the Philippines or in Manila. Typically they get typhoons and monsoons. Many residents even live in areas that are prone to major flooding such as this. Many of these residents are accustomed to these events and it just becomes a part of their daily struggle in their lives.

My wife is from the Manila area and has dealt with these events. She says they never scared her but earthquakes terrified her because she never knew if the house was going to come apart.


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