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 Homosexual Activity Leads to Early Death, Claims Scottish Church Official

A senior figure for the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has come under fire for claiming that medical evidence proves that homosexual behavior "leads to early death."

Peter Kearney, director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office, made his comments in an interview on the current affairs program "Scotland Tonight" on July 26.

"There is a link between same-sex sexual practice and early death. That's not something that the Catholic Church believes, there is an overwhelming body of medical evidence to suggest that. One study has shown that the life expectancy of a practicing homosexual man will be reduced by something between 12 and 20 years," Kearney said.

The spokesperson went on to say that there is a "conspiracy of silence around the vast array of medical evidence that exists to suggest that same-sex behavior is hazardous, is harmful, and is dangerous."

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 Re: Homosexual Activity Leads to Early Death, Claims Scottish Church Official

I have read this elsewhere as well.

There is one question that begs to answered: is there a possibility that if homosexuality continues unchecked, that they will end up self-destructing? How could it be otherwise?

Back in the 50s there were only two known STDs. Today that number is twenty-five. The cure for them is becoming ever more elusive. Syphilis and gonorrhea used to treated successfully with penicillin, but no more. STD's cause sterility in its victims as well.

My imagination tries to wrap itself around the possibility of what this world will look like in 50 years from now if man persists in living like alley cats.

If Christ were to return this would come to an end, but we do not know the day nor hour when this will occur. Until then...

Sandra Miller

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