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( This was in my notes,on my iPad,that I wrote a while back,...thought to share with you.)

* This thought,while down on my knees,accurred to me ,....
It is the (alive), FRUIT 's that the Lord works in us that causes others to be drawn to Him?
When He is at work in us after we come to know and desire Him, all these hard things come upon us, is like a proving ground,..a fire,..burnning away of Our old way/self.But with a strong love for God we hang on to our Commander N Chief,..the King,...the Lord,..see what He wants us to do,....and He is busy working the FRUITS,....long-suffering,...gentleness,..kindness,...patience,..
self-control,..etc.,...etc.,..and with continuing on with the Lord,..this becomes our TRUE WITNESS, that draws others to Him.We become 'OVERCOMERS',...overcomers of SELF-RULE,....
...the FRUITS,..We bear Fruit !...we become longsuffering,..patient
,.,..kindness,....( in the face of adversity...enduring)..gentleness,,..
Because when we are pressed,we bear,....But this requires a dying,....
and WHO WILL DIE TO SELF ? ,,in order to Live ?

So then do we try to bear FRUIT some other way ? drag them into the Kingdom,some other way,... and not like the Lord' way ?...DYING ?..
Don't we need to do it any way we can THINK UP,..?....anything but dying
and recieving this FRUIT ?..This is His Love we are receiving !......
oh my!,...
It truly takes a love for God above all else.

Thank you Lord,
Now,..please do your work in us.

God bless,

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