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Thanks for sharing your son's experience, sister GinnyRose!

The only 'B' that I received during grad school was from a professor who asked a question to me in class about a controversial issue. After I shared my Christian view, the professor (who was an atheist who had formerly been a Hindu) looked like he was going to have a heart attack. During that class, I earned an 'A' on every test, project, essay and paper that I turned in. Yet, when my grades were posted online, I found a 'B' in that class.

From that day on, he never looked me in the eye. Whereas I found favor in the eyes of the rest of my professors, this particular professor just couldn't come to terms with my faith. I almost felt like pursuing this because it ruined a perfect 4.0. However, he knows that I know what he did. Both he and I know that I earned an 'A' in his class. I hope that I handled it correctly.

It was the only time that anything like that happened to me in terms of grades during my education. I have thought about contacting this professor via email. I am just waiting on the Lord's leading and words.


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 Re: Could you give advice on academics?

I just wanted to ask advice again on this topic. I prayed to God and asked him if it is in His will for me to go back to school and finish my degree.

I got 3 short visions about 3 types of jobs and were all menial with a voice saying something like "my people/my kingdom..." I remember the the third worker I saw in the vision was a janitor.

I'm not sure if this is God or not. But it does make you wonder if God wants me to go back to school at ALL. I keep begging Him to let me be a Christian in the science world.

Does anyone have insight? If you need time to think and pray that's fine.

 2012/8/21 23:34

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 Re: NoahJD

follow peace, Sometimes when we trully let go of something that we really want, God seems to give us the go ahead and If He does not give us the go ahead well we have let go of it so doing without It does not bother us like it once did.

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I have a testimony concerning education. When I was one semester away from earning a BA the lord convicted me that my school work was more important to me than my walk with the Lord. So I set my heart to quit and to perhaps work as a janitor, which is what my part-time job was at that time. I was walking and praying and was experiencing wonderful fellowship with the Lord when on the walk I ran into an old co-worker who asked me how school was coming. I told her that I had quit school in order to follow Jesus.

The Word then came to both my wife and I concerning these things. The Lord was saying to both of us that this was the Lord's testing like Abraham on the mountain, and therefore the Lord would bless my education. I am starting a M.S. degree this Fall at a school that has a campus on the Arab Peninsula. This coincides with a call to Saudi Arabia. My education has now become a potential open door to minister the Gospel in a relatively restricted region.

Brother we must discern God's perfect and acceptable will. I pray that the Lord would speak to you as you consider my testimony.

Peace in Christ Jesus,



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I hear you. Yes I see some good in my desire to study science. But it gets in the way of devotion to the Lord and Kingdom. I can't want this world over His Kingdom. Period. I appreciate your thoughts and testimony and prayers. really.

The Lord spoke to me tonight and showed me what it would feel like reaching out to poor children in a poor country. It felt good. One of the best feelings.

Bless you brother

 2012/8/22 2:15

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 Re: Could you give advice on academics?

May the Lord bless and keep you as you seek His will for your life.

I believe the Lord gave you the desire to study chemistry. I also believe He will graciously lead you to mentors who can walk with you on the way, if you ask.

Peace to you.


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