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Why why why? Could this be from the Lord

 2012/8/4 11:43

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Pacific Ocean

 Re: Good bye dear friends of SI.

There is much truth and wisdom in this thread, though I have not been around here enough lately to contextualize your sentiments. I can only hope and pray, as I have been for the last two days or so since I read this thread, that in no way do I want or intend to be on the side of the enemy. I have been praying that I would be completely for Christ and not against him. Thank you for the warning.

The lack of sanctification in many people I have known who claim to be Christ's seems to be a reproach to Christ...I have had a harder time understanding this than just about any other thing since I have been a believer. I do not say this critically, but brokenly, if I can use such a word.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2012/8/4 14:03Profile

 Re: Good bye dear friends of SI.

Why are you "leaving", dear brother in the Lord?

 2012/8/4 14:31

 Re: Good bye dear friends of SI.

will miss your posts and articles

 2012/8/5 15:42

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