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When He says "Me" - is He not calling Himself "The Word of GOD" --- as in, rejecting His Word is rejecting Him.

We don't resort to anything But His Word to make such weighty judgments and this topic would appear to be weighty enough - unless a person just got saved yesterday.

And this is key. So many today have no concept of the idea of God's judgement on a matter. The reason Christian's can confidently say that homosexuality is a sin, and that one cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven because they practice such, is not because we've judged them, but simply because God has already judged it, by His standard (the Word).

We should never judge by our own standard, but we should never be scared to judge by God's standard, as it's not us judging.

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I agree 100% with what you have all said!

Also Grant that has always been my thinking aswell if God says Hey this is sin, then He has already called the shots on what is right or wrong with that particular thing.

And I have no problem telling people hey you can say that we'll see in the end when God judges us but I'm telling you now what His written Word says about it now and it ain't pretty.

Matthew Guldner

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