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  Is there anyone here????

Is there anyone here who will give their lives for something more than a chicken sandwich? Is there anyone here who will take up the cross of Christ? Is there anyone here who will enter into his sufferings? Is there anyone here who will take to heart the words of Paul Washer?

We see a gathering storm on the horizon? That same storm that is seeping through the 10/40 window. Brothers and sisters from afar are laying tbeir lives down for he gospel. They are embracing the cross. Yet I fear we in America have not gotten it yet.

We see the waves of that storm washing on our shores. But we still ignore them. God has warned us through the likes of David Wilkerson, Art Katz, Denny Kenniston, Carl Moehler, Paul Washer, Greg Gordon. But we sweep their words under the rug. Better to fill our belly with that chicken sandwich. A cross? Please. Do not won't to hear that.

Back to my question. Is there anyone here who will heed the call. Th call to take up the cross and enter into the sufferings of Christ. And stand for something far greater than a chicken sandwich and waffle fries.

Posted by Bearmaster.

 2012/8/3 6:45

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 Re: Is there anyone here????

bearmaster:Is there anyone here who will give their lives for something more than a chicken sandwich? Is there anyone here who will take up the cross of Christ?


I am not sure what the purpose behind this post might be? Many of those who have posted their thoughts on the chick fil a threads are those who love the LORD dearly, who are willing taking up their cross daily, to imply other wise is rather hurtful. I know you have a deep desire for those who are being persecuted and you want to share about possible coming persecution but you need to know that many here realize these things and are praying daily... Just wanted you to know there are many of us who are praying, we are praying for the lost, we are praying for the leaders of this country, we are praying for GOD will to be done. I hope that will encourage you today brother.

God bless

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 Re: Is there anyone here????

hi, yes there toomany here ... i have a friend who went to jail for burning down an abortion mill.i know another who threatened a doctor who did abortions. in my many years as a street minister in new orleans i have seen many carrying crosses with offensive signs on them who ran people off from our witness. i have seen hundreds get saved and kneel down on the street praying in front of geering others.what we need to be doing is demonstrating the joy of our salvation to the world and demonstrating our love for each other. sinners do what sinners do(sin)so lets use wisdom and kindness and patience in our witness to them.jimp

 2012/8/3 8:17Profile

 What makes us think that others do not measure up?

My question might be, is why religious people want to lay their missions and burdens on others, implying that they do not measure up to themselves?

And, if one has that burden, why publicize it? This is much different than joining with others to intercede, isn't it?

Jesus made it very clear to keep your prayer SECRET, and NOT to display it, or your religious devotions.

"And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward."...[ "Could you be the only one? holy to pray about holy burden?"]

" But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."

"Just wanted you to know there are many of us who are praying, we are praying for the lost, we are praying for the leaders of this country, we are praying for GOD will to be done. I hope that will encourage you today brother."...MJ

Bearmaster: Spiritual pride displays such an attitude to compare yourself as such; I am sorry.

Some are called to Go!...and some are called to PRAY...both are equally important. This always centers around the Gospel, not dying or being persecuted for the Gospel; that will come in God's time.

It is wise, especially on this forum, not to judge so hastily your own spirituality over another. Tom

 2012/8/3 8:40

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 Re: Is there anyone here????

Dear Brother Bearmaster, Yes I am here too. Last week while in prayer i was so broken and weeping and asked the Lord why & how America and the church in America have falling away so fast & so hard. The reply I got was this.
" Because the church refused to deal with sin". Until the church in America repents and runs after God with their whole heart with weeping,fastimg and rending our hearts we will not be spared the coming troubles. Sad to say but it's true. I doubt that but a small group of people are willing to fast even one meal a day and cry out to God as one standing in the gap for our nation. Many of us have been and will continue to stand in the gap for not just the church but the lost & dying world. Come on Church of the Living God fall on your faces and pray and pray and pray.. Lets wear our our knees and not the remote control or computer... Lets weep and wail and ask for a Divine Holy visitation that will shake this country to its foundations.

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 Re: Is there anyone here????

And stand for something far greater than a chicken sandwich and waffle fries.

Many who did this yesterday did sacrifice time to do so. They were demonstrating their support for Biblical truth.

If someone had taken issue with the fact that I am a Christian and do things differently and worked to tear down our business because I believe in acting out my faith, I would have been deeply grateful if other like-minded folks would have stepped up to the plate and said, "we will not allow this group who is ungodly interfere with the way you do business." In short, put yourself in place of Mr. Cathy... that perspective may change, if you would. You see, we also deal with the public and depend on it for our livelihood.

Christianity is practical, it is to be lived out in how we do our business, the decisions we make everyday. If it does not impact it, we do not have the mind of Christ - all you have a philosophy. Operating a business is not without its crosses - believe me! Like being open on we or do we not? and why? And then there are silver-leaf white flies - the devil in miniature, I say. (Only another tomato grower can relate to this statement.) Are we engaging in or business for the sake of Christ? Of course! The scripture says that if you do not work, you do not eat!

My take....


Sandra Miller

 2012/8/3 9:46Profile

 Re: Cjoseygirl70

Sister agree with you about fasting. Wonder if we can start another movement and fast from a chicken sandwich and waffle fries. Spend that time in prayer and give that money to missions.

Sister, not making light of your post. Do agree with you.

Much blessing to you.


 2012/8/3 10:56


Many of us have been and will continue to stand in the gap for not just the church but the lost & dying world.


And many of us that have been doing so for decades also see that to say "enough" to the corruption of children by supporting a man that is standing in the gap for them through his business is also being used by GOD. That we can do both and anything else that tells the world that GOD's ways are only to protect that which He's created.
That they are NOT 'animals', as Darwin and the communists, socialists, antiChrists of this world would want them to believe. That they were created to be loved by GOD and with Him for Eternity and to understand His Word and it's prohibitions were written to 'protect them from harm' and not to just 'stop their pleasures'.

The sermon that I've posted a few times this week by Keith Daniel about "Be Ye Holy" says much about what "used to be" in America [he being from S. Africa] and he GRIEVED heavily that we 'used to be protected morally by the laws of the land'. That pornography and all that we see today was illegal and that it only took ONE MAN WITH MONEY to go to the courts and have pornography made legal - to the point now - that school children are allowed to view ANYTHING THEY WANT AT THEIR LOCAL LIBRARY.

Who will stand up to protect them?

The mouth was made for fasting, praying and speaking out in anyway whatsoever and the News Forum that I read - even the unsaved that participated in this "chicken sandwich" campaign against the things that are destroying our nation - are now seeing something they've never seen before --- that it does take 'money' to make a statement in this world [as Keith Daniel said] --- and now they're thinking of other ways to protect their children and the unborn by similar means --- because this week gave them HOPE that had been stripped from them by "the rich men of this earth".

I think it's a last cry for righteousness - even from the unsaved, for mercy ....... though we are IN the last days but GOD Bless them for standing shoulder to shoulder with Christians and because they are -- they may decide to side with Christians in The End and get saved through and by this.

It could very well be that this has happened this week with Chik-a-fil BECAUSE people HAVE BEEN fasting and praying for a very long time for mercy against a flood that's sweeping their children and grandchildren away FAST.
From the unsaved and saved that were involved this week - I saw on these News forums from all around this country, words that sounded like the potential for a Revival. When unsaved people stand along with Christians, they're making a choice and just by being 'with' Christians, can get Saved by making that choice to stand by Christians.
I just continue to pray now, that that small flame won't be extinguished and that we Determine to use this as a motivation to reach out to those unsaved standing next to us - no matter where we or they are!

 2012/8/3 11:25

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Hi Bear, No offense taken. I agree with you. I am only 41 yrs old but I remember the old fashioned revivals and the way the old timers would tarry at the alter until everyone was prayed through. Now a days an alter call may last only 5 or 10 minutes. Let's all come together and fast & pray for the church to repent and for a visitation that will snatch the souls of our families, friends, neighbors and ememies out of that train that is headed for destruction.
I have enjoyed listening to Leonard Ravenhill about the old revivals.

 2012/8/3 13:05Profile


Unfortunately dear sister. We do not have the discipline to fast and pray. That is why persecution will sweep many aside and the church will be found lacking. God grant a precious remnant will prevail.


 2012/8/3 14:48

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