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The vast majority of Christians in the US do not believe in a literal, inerrant bible.

I question whether the 'vast majority of Christians' are really 'Christians' at all, and not only in the USA.

Ron Bailey

 2005/2/23 10:28Profile

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"Warning, Warning..."
Due to the fact that evolution is true and natural selection is in fact taking place at this moment, here are 5 important steps we must take to live in a evolutionary safe environment:

1. Avoid killing all insects and bugs. That ant hill may very well become a future nation and we wouldn't want to jeopradize their becoming. Likewise, do not prevent misquitos from sucking your blood. By killing them you may destroy future innovations.

2. Stop eating eggs, for every egg that you remove from the mother is the equivalent of murdering a fellow human being. That chick may become a man, and that man may become a ferdiolama.

3. Anyone who wears leather, fur, or suede must be reported to your local police station and a warrant for their arrest will be given. Anyone caught wearing these clothing will be sentenced to 25 years in prison. They may have been wearing the next Abraham Lincoln.

4. Anyone owning a pet will be eligible for prejudice charges.

5. Tapeworms must be given a chance too. If someone is found with a tapeworm, then they will have to put up with it. Destruction of the tape worm may lead to more drastic consequences. Who are we to tell the worm what is right and what is wrong?

And remember, be safe, be smart... the future depends on it. :-)

[size=xx-small](Disclaimer: This post was just for fun and not directed at anyone)[/size]

Eli Brayley

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bubbaguy wrote:
RE "the most dangerous position is when you pick and choose what you are going to believe."

Everyone has to do this. It is why God gave us brains and freewill. What you are essentially saying is 'don't think for yourself,' think as I tell you to think. Don't reason! I'll do that for you for you, too.

Your assertion that the reason we have brains and free will is so that we are free to ignore whatever displeases us in scripture is,... less than convincing. I appreciate the zeal you have for your own opinion, but I notice that other than your own conviction, however genuine and/or sincere, your position is otherwise empty.

My position restated another way, is that God is either entirely sovereign, or not sovereign at all. Any 'middle ground' lacks teeth.

Daniel van de Laar

 2005/2/23 13:48Profile

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