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hi, we all miss the boat when we feel rejected when the sinner turns down the opportunity to be saved. it is the Holy Spirit that does this work and not us. we are to go and tell and yes, show and tell, but it is the Holy Spirits job to bring in the sinner. i have known of times that took a year for a sinner to make a positive descision for Christ. this guy said that what was told him would come to him almost every night and he bought a bible and read it and finally made a saving move to give his life to positive for the joy of the Lord is your strength.jimp

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 Re: The most lost generation EVER

I appreciate your heart. It is true, it can be discouraging when we try to witness to people and they aren't interested in hearing it.
Have you ever thought of trying a different approach? Jesus told us to "heal the sick, cleanse the leper, cast out demons, and raise the dead."
When I prophesy over people the Love of God, and a word from Him that they need to hear, they are ALWAYS opened up. They are like, how did you know that? Wow, nobody knew that. etc. You can give them best steps for salvation, read the Bible to them, and sometimes it won't work. You pray for their broken arm to get healed, and God does it, or for that cancerous tumor to shrivel up and die in the name of Jesus, and you watch their heart melt right before you! Jesus died on the cross NOT just so we can all go to Heaven. So that we can manifest what Heaven is, NOW, on earth.
Keep going after God and His Goodness!

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