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 Seeking Solid Church in Toronto


I've come to this webite for years now and have been blessed. This is my first post, and it's driven by a great spiritual need.
I have a friend in Toronto who is not saved but is asking a lot of spiritual questins. I've been witnessing to him for months now by telephone, presented the gospel many times to him...he is very open to listen and seems interested. And lately he's more accepting of the idea of getting connected to a good church. I suggested this to him as I feel it be good for him to encounter other Christians "in person". This guy's first language is spanish, his English is a little broken...but understandable...he is in his 30's with basically no family in this country. I'm praying for a local body of believers who would warmly embrace this young man. Can anyone recommend a good church close to downtown Toronto?

Your brother,

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 Re: Seeking Solid Church in Toronto

Brother, while I am of no direct help, I can attest to "ways" to seek out good churches. My family and I will move to Lousiville, KY this time next year. I have been asking around wondering what good churches there are and have compiled a long list.

My next step has been to download iTunes podcasts and throw them on my iPod, listening to them when I can. Through this, I have narrowed down greatly the number of churches simply by discerning doctrinal issues and theology. This takes a lot of the grunt-work out of visiting a church because I have already listened to many sermons.

This is not the only step needed to seek out a church though, there are many more. Tell him to get a copy of the budget and see where the money goes. Do not forget that face to face meetings are absolutely necessary in deciding on a church, not just audio podcasts!

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 Re: Seeking Solid Church in Toronto

Hi! 'TMac2009'

It might be better if you would be recommending that he first attend a local evangelist meeting of some sort. Afterwards, he can better choose to follow after his new-found desires and attach himself to others following after the gospel of repentance.
Do you yourself live in Toronto or GTA?

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