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 He took my stripes upon His back

The flesh is a brutal thing and it certainly wars against the Spirit. In many situations I have been shocked to discover the depth of my own flesh. It makes me realize and know for a certainty that without Him I would plunge into the abyss. Thank you today Jesus for your unwarranted favor upon my life, I know what I deserve, I know for a certainly what i deserve even now and yet you have redeemed me and even when I am not faithful, you are.

It is an agony to know what lies in me, this sin that remains in my corruptible flesh. I know what I am without you,I feel the agony of it when I fall. In my spirit I rip my shirt off and wait for the stripes, no, desire the stripes, cry out for them, but as I laid low and stretched out my arms, straining at the anticipation of the coming, desired stripes, I felt a hand on my back, looked up and saw you and you turned around, showed me your own back and said ...............

I know of what you lack
I took your stripes upon my back
Look and you will see
The stripes I took to set you free

When your world has turned to dust
You must look to the one you trust
When every part of you would hide
Open up and let me deep inside

For once I bid you come to me
Yet you ran and hid behind a tree
Your flesh it only ever fails
So I redeemed you with three bloody nails

And now old Adam bids you run
But your Lord says no, stop and turn
Turn around and you will see
I nailed your sin to a bloody tree

I loved you so, that I would die
All other voices simply lie
If you would look into my face
You'll be enraptured by my grace

I know your state, I know your lack
It's why your stripes are on my back
But turn around and you will see
The grace that came to set you free!

When I inevitably stumble
It keeps me low, it makes me humble
I long for the day, when sin's no more
And He bids me come on through the door

When every tear from every eye
Is wiped away and flesh does die
And incorruptible reigns alone
And sits upon its glorious throne

 2012/7/29 23:50

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 Re: He took my stripes upon His back

Don't we just know we deserve those stripes?

Good poem and word.

God bless.

 2012/7/30 2:57Profile


Thank you sister and may the Lord bless you too..........bro Frank

 2012/7/30 12:21

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