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 Where is the real you?

So, where is the real you? When temptations fly at you like bullets, where are you really? When righteously dealing with feelings inside you, or circumstances outside you seem as impossible as jumping from one skyscraper to another, where does God say you are? If you’re born a second time, God Most High, Maker of Heaven and Earth says: You are SEATED WITH CHRIST in heavenly realms. Safe and secure in His Presence. So, when He calls you to “jump,” or to face the enemy, or to give your life for the sake of another, remember, you’re really sitting with the King. —ar


This is something I have at times struggled with, I have not dared to "jump" because I was to afraid of the "fall". I need to remember where I am and who is with me...Just thought this was a really encouraging reminder that our LORD reigns and the battle its already won!!

God Bless

Edit: I am sorry for not being more clear, the thoughts
shared above the line where another's and I found
them to be an encouraging reminder. The words
below the line are what the Lord placed on my
heart upon reading this.

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 Re: Where is the real you?

"Hi! 'MaryJane'
I found the thoughts which you expressed very encouraging.
Thanks for sharing them.
Yeah, ain't dat duh truth, ay? We can so often feel afraid of "falling" and/or failing. But it remains exactly as what your thoughts pictured: when we are sitting in His lap, there is no fear ... only a quiet confidence.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, 'MaryJane' .

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