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Grace = "Miraculous Provision unearned and undeserved, not passive or uninvolved levitation, imposed upon us by God." : )

Let's think about it.

Abraham was “the Father of Faith” and the first of “the People of God” right? Isaac, “Laughter” was the first child “Born of Faith,” “Born of the Promise.”

So, wasn’t the Event when Abraham was commanded to offer Isaac on the Altar a WONDERFUL example of GRACE?! Oh yes!! The ram miraculously caught in the thicket and all?

Grace! Right!

Upon further review of modern “definitions”…If Abraham had refused to kill his son Isaac—what would have “happened”? You cannot honestly believe or dare to say out loud with YHWH listening that Abraham would have been Blessed Miraculously as he was if he had refused to kill Isaac when Commanded.

Oh-oh! You mean something was required by God of Abraham?!

Is this then, as some would say, self-justifying works?

No. But Abraham and Isaac were NOT levitated to the top of that mountain with Isaac tied to a bundle of wood and Abraham’s sharp knife raised over his head!

But then the Angel stopped Abraham from thrusting the knife into Isaac, an instant before he obeyed Father by doing so.

Obedience and THEN Grace.

A ram caught by his horns in the thicket! Grace again!

And then the ram started a fire himself, and committed suicide by grabbing Abraham’s knife and falling on it, and then falling on the fire. Ummmm. No. That’s not what God means by “Grace”—that we are uninvolved or else it’s “works.”

The ONLY reason people would insist on false definitions of Grace is if they don’t WANT Jesus to Say “If you love Me—you will Obey Me” and “Depart from Me—you did not do the Father’s Will, but rather lawlessness.” Something to hide perhaps that they don’t want to deal with? But, to let go is the most GLORIOUS Freedom of all. Face it and put it in His hands, rather than try to write doctrines to justify what God does not.

Grace = Infinite PROVISION to Live in Him, out of His kindness, love, and power. Grace = Infinite forgiveness seventy times seven trillion “if they repent” (as Jesus said)—conditional, but free and undeserved.

Grace today is just as AMAZING as with the surprise foursome on Abraham and Isaac’s mountain gift to Father. : )

Grace = “Miraculous Provision unearned and undeserved, not levitation uninvolved.”

And THAT is awesome! Father desires that those He created in His own Image, would be Born a Second Time by faith in the Blood of His Son alone, into the Wind of Heaven; to willingly choose Him and embrace His unmerited Provision, to bring Him Glory on an otherwise darkened planet of self-life, lawlessness, and lovelessness, “a wicked and adulterous generation” as Jesus called it.

“CHOOSE you this day Whom you will serve!”

He is GOOD!


Thought I would share this with some few here. I read it a few days ago and felt it worth sharing and seeking others insights. I get what is being said but not fully sure about the way its being said...still there is truth there.

God Bless


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