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 Last Generation.

I’ll make this simple and in clear English of truth. “Jesus’ When speaking to his apostles said if he did not go then he the sprits of truth would come to comfort them, and teach them the truth.

This is for the ones who seek and are searching in the truth and it shall be given, to ones who are truly within the heart of the sprit of God.

The sprit can communicate in many different ways to the listener, in visions of old, and whispers into the ears, and by direct thoughts into the mind which is the closest that anyone can achieve. I shall not argue with anyone on these points as they come directly from the sprit of truth, the comforter, he does not and will not lie.

He has shown me so much that at times it can become an overload of information. Why is this so? Because there is simply now little time left. No its not for you to be frighten. I will break it down into simple terms, but one must understand its not reintegrating the written words of GOD they stand as truth and what was to be told and then written down. The comforter makes it plainer for each individual to understand, if it was not so you would not have need of a comforter to teach you the truth.

I asked so many questions but as a scientist he answered in logical terms to me, taught me to disseminate truth from fiction. There are two types of Science mans and God, man science is limited, God science is unlimited, purer logical, and most all provable beyond a shadow of doubt as to the truth.

What it gives me I can understand clearly and it uses guidance to point what is correct and what is not. It proves it is teaching when one accepts the guidance, but one must uses their mind and the logical thinking capacity to the upper limits of comprehension that the individual can understand. Yes and it allows me to analyse it. There are certain information that it will not show, or can’t. Because to allow prophecy to be fulfilled it has to be kept hidden until the proper time.

As a scientist God has shown me he is every bit real as you and I, yet man’s science will not, it is kept quite, hidden, covered over, other wise Governments would loose all control if the truth was to be told, and many scientist have fears, non of them dare take a stand, or otherwise loose there standing among their peers and the control above them.

Churches point out that there is only war in the spiritual realm, this is not so, the war is also down here in flesh and blood, the sprite of truth does not lie. How can this be, because you are in the last generation, to see all things completed and I was guided to the solid proof of it, so much proof it is incredible that no one knows and only little bits of information by others, but not the complete solid written proof in stone as it were. The key the real key, that unlocks all to come, but it proves more than what I did not want to know about.

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 Re: Last Generation.


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 Re: Last Generation.

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