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 Re: School : Public , Christian , or Home ???

One or more of my four children have participated in all of the above. After I was forced back to work, I had to work 5-7 days a week, and no longer could afford a Christian school. After a brief sojourn in public, my youngest two graduated from an incredible charter school. The baby was in an Independent Learning Program (ILP), and finished her junior/senior year in high school and freshman year in college all in one year. In California the state even pays for high quality teachers to help home school parents choose the right curriculum for each child.

Having said that, I have found that younger children do better either home schooled or in a Christian school that is not considered an "outreach" (i.e., including non-Christian families). We've done both - and it's not a good idea for kids to socialize with kids who are exposed to bad things at home (both "Christian" or not). There are so many awesome programs for home-schoolers and ILP students, that the socialization myth should no longer be a factor. Many parents incorrectly believe that they'll save private school money for high school, and that it won't be problematic to put their kids in public K-8, which is a very risky move.

The decision for high school is varied, and depends a good deal on the heart and personality of the child. Some Christian kids do great, find a good group of godly kids, and avoid trouble. My younger two were uncomfortable around the sexuality, drinking, drugs, and, bullying, so we chose charter.

The times are very dark. I suggest seeking God for direction and His will, know your child's strengths, weaknesses, and heart for the Lord.

God Bless your family.

 2012/7/25 0:54

 Re: Re

Proud papa,
What you need to see is that feminism has EVERYTHING to do with this topic. Unless you pray to discern this, you'll be considering this matter through the natural mind of logical deductions between this possible choice and that one. That same spirit that that was in Jezebel (the ultimate feminist - & it started with Eve who wondered away from both God and Adam to listen to the devil and lead her family astray through her deception). It was also allowed to be propagated through that same spirit of Ahab. He was a weak-kneed, non-leading excuse of a man who followed his wife in her deception instead of leading her. He Learned this from his father Adam who knew better but went right ahead with Eve's sin, too weak a leader to stand up against his own wife for her sake, & God's Glory. I'm convinced this spirit is being allowed to totally pervert the American church in more ways than you know.
It is this same spirit that has led to the "day-care"/public school/"Christian school society we live in today. The woman's "right" to "her" work (& neglect all the work God commands her to do in scripture from Proverbs 31, Titus 2, Ephesians 5, 1 Peter 3, etc., etc. it is the norm now, just like women bible "teachers" who apparently can do everything Paul laid out in scriptures they could not, while neglecting the very things God commands they must do! Amazing! Where are the real men to stand up in love and humility and speak the Word of God and lead in love? Where are the Sarah's, Hannah's, & Esters who will read the Word of God and take their roles as women seriously as unto the Lord?
You see this has EVERYTHING to do with the topic. If a man/woman understood their biblical roles and responsibilities, this discussion on what to do about raising/teaching the children is inherently understood. My experience is that the "church" on America doesn't recognize this spirit in themselves even less then they detect the political nationalism pride that they hold to either. Attack if you want, or go and read those chapters I listed, fast, & pray and see if the Lord doesn't open eyes/hearts to His truth.
I pray we would, turn to Him in truth and humility, & let the Holy Spirit lead is. Then we don't have to poll others for what God wants of us as parents. We will know His Word & have His Spirit.

 2012/7/25 10:31


PaPa, good topic. If I could recommend what parents 'should' do, I'd also say homeschool and have always stood strongly for homeschooling .... But - Most times, a couple want children but can't afford it and more times than not - it's the husband that tells the wife that she 'has to' work, because he's trying to make the bills and just can't stretch it far enough.
Granted there are some women that want babies "and a career" but I wouldn't say that that is the chief cause of why people don't homeschool.
Any Economist can show you from back to the 1940's, how our economy has been geared toward an "Anti-Family" agenda and have forced the vast majority of women to also have an income.
I've heard them for many yrs now, calling in on the Christian radio program "Crown Ministry", a Christian Economic Advisor Program and other Programs.
There are many couples that manage to work different shifts, just so that one of them is always with their children ... but they don't see each other that much.
There's countless reasons of why every Christian home isn't homeschooling or sending their children to a Christian school and most especially since our economy took that fairly surprising Dive in 2007/2008.
Most can't afford to stay home anymore, nor can they afford a Christian School - So what do we do with the children of those people? They need answers as well.

I assumed that you were asking about "Christian" Parents and that is where my sights are as well, with this reply.

 2012/7/25 13:48


Fact is, it's better to live in an RV, eating noodle soups every day, & clipping coupons with a family set on God's plan than to live in a mansion with all the "luxuries" we do (that's what they are, we are just so accustomed to them that We take it for granted) and live out family lives like the culture. Im not even going to go into the obstacles we faced & how cultural logic was all against our decision, but God is faithful. You will have to make sacrifices to follow Christ. You will find that you should have made long before you did. Don't use the economy as an excuse. "Is The Lord's Arm to short to save"? Of course not!!

 2012/7/25 16:44


Jeff, I don't have little children and I live in Senior Housing but am very conscious of what goes on in this country. Many private schools have had to close because the money just isn't there. Last I heard, 45% of Americans are on food-stamps or other type State assistance.
Yes, I agree that some people live too high-on-the-hog but we're talking about just putting food on the table. So many men have been unemployed or under-employed now, it's totally insane.

Crown Ministry is one that I recommend because they do believe a Mom should stay home and homeschool and try everything that can be conceived to counsel families. They tell the husband to get a second job, etc. etc..

My niece is a teacher in private schools and they've shut down the last one that she worked at.

I recommend you read this book before you judge another person.

I don't particualarly care for stero-typing people or putting all of the blame for why children aren't being home-schooled on just one gender.

Let's talk common [Christian] sense and look at this country as a whole. Unless you're an expert in Economic Forecasting, it's difficult for you to put yourself in other young couple's shoes.

I will say though, I personally would do virtually anything under the sun that isn't a sin, to keep my children out of public school - if I had school aged children.

Generalizing doesn't help anybody, when 'sound' answers are what these couples are looking for and ministries like Crown is a good source of common sense for today's couples with children that need help with the financial situations that prevent them from doing what they want to do.

 2012/7/25 17:41


I appreciate your concern in telling me that I'm judging people by telling them they can trust God against the odds and He will make a way. I'm an ex-convict felon who has been to prison with a rap sheet longer than this thread. If I were looking for an excuse, like the economy of whatever else, not to trust the Lord, I could come up with plenty of them. Or, I can just trust God, pray, & believe God to make a way where would seem to be no way. Thanks for your concern about my "judge mentalness", but I stand by what I said. You can trust God when your heart is set on following His Word, you cry out to Him, you believe in faith He will make a way (although you may have to make some sacrifices), & you stand firm in the face of trials in this matter.
I'm going to believe & trust God. If you think that telling others they can do the same and trust the Lord is being judgemental, I'm sorry that's your understanding. When are we just going to read the Word of God (for the family & whatever else), believe it, trust the Lord & not waver because of what the economy is doing, how many people are on food stamps, etc?
When I was locked up for Organized Crime (I came to the Lord within the first week of solitary confinement), I met tons of people on welfare & food stamps who used them for crack cocaine. I don't care what those statistics are frankly. MANY (not all, but many) of those statistics don't want to work and wont take a job "below them". I started out working anything/everything available before me to do (deliveries, construction, etc.). I praised the Lord for making any way for me to work. When we started having kids (my wife made 2-3 times what I did), we knew God's plan and she quit working and I made $20,000+ yr working 2 jobs. It looked crazy, but we trusted the Lord.
I later got a job in sales, and was later promoted to district manager, & later corporate regional manager. Then, the Lord called us to move from Dallas to Albuquerque (for home fellowship/ministry) & take a 50% pay cut! It doesn't matter. The Holy Spirit is perfectly able to lead us without the help of national statistics, polls, & stories of "I knew this one guy", etc. "I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed begging bread."
Sorry you think that's judgemental. Hopefully you just misunderstood me? The Lord honors those who honors Him. He leads us and can be trusted. If I looked at the economical statistics for direction Id be a consistent mess all over the map. Thank God I can trust the Lord to lead me and my family. That's available to all. That's not judgemental. That's an exhortation and encouragement to trust/follow the Lord.
Blessings in Him,

 2012/7/25 19:44


By the way, I never advocated Christian schooling, but homeschooling. It's free & allows you to raise your children and train them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, rather than being schooled daily with some true believers, some quasi-christian kids, & some children of appostatized churches. Like youth groups. Don't even get me started on how the "youth group" is not/was never God's plan. Don't find that line of thinking in God's Word. Raising/Training children is a God-given responsibility for parents. I understand you don't have children, so you have probably read/studied/prayed about this matter little. I have 5 kids. I have not stopped crying out to God, searching the scriptures, & praying for the Holy Spirit to lead me. We will stand at the judgement Seat and give account for our parenting decisions. Those excuses about the economy, statistics, this one bad homeschooler I knew, etc. won't even date to be uttered before Christ. All the parents here should deeply consider this and pray about it. It's worthy of fasting, prayer, & intense study of scripture, otherwise, "every man just does what is right in his own eyes". God forbid

 2012/7/25 19:54


You're totally misunderstanding me and not seeing that I'm on your side but I suppose I'll have to explain myself because I'm a female and females have been the cause of all the problems in the lack of homeschooling, from your perspective.

The economy may not matter to 'you' now, but if you have any idea of where I was trying to point to earlier, that since the 1940's, the GOVERNMENT is being controlled to force what is here and my main point is - what they plan for all of our futures.

You're looking at today - I'm looking at it from the 40's until they either take our life or ..........

Everything wrong is in this world and this country is "by design". The breaking up of the sovereignty of the Family is under-fire and is getting worse every day.

I posted an article in the News section of the UN's plan to take over "parenting".

The Global Planners have pushed women into the work force. They control ALL media and the media programs the minds of anyone exposed to any of it.

My friends children homeschool their children and do you know what they're teaching all of their children? They're teaching them about the coming persecution.

You and I think very much alike in everything I've read from you but you're not understanding what I'm getting at.
Feminism came from the same Global Planners that are pushing pornography on men. We learned that in the Military back in the very early 70's. It's how you take down a nation and chiefly by dividing families.

When a man gets on the "feminism alone" bandwagon, they're falling for the Satanic trap that is in the mind of these Global Planning Engineers. The world is given over to Satanic powers that are controlling all the governments of the world - including and powerfully - This Country - because we're the Chief Exporter of Hollywood, Styles, Fashions, Trends, Lifestyles, Economies, Mind-sets and anything else that we can think of. They're even infiltrating so-called well known "Family" Ministries.
One would have to write a mile long post to explain all of this but my Biblical Beliefs are no different than yours.
There is a major attack on the middle to low class families. Lastly, the so-called wealthy ones will be hit as well -- and the Bible does not guarantee that persecution of Christians will not happen - as it is in many other countries right now. We just don't see it in plain view as yet - because they haven't 'fully' turned US over to the UN ... but they're working on it. The IMF will hold a global economic system that people will need to go digital to buy and sell.

In the meantime, many families are being hit very hard, either financially or otherwise. Men leaving their wives for other women, as the world tells them that's "genetic" as well. On all fronts the family is under attack and by design [= on purpose] to destroy this and every other country through this country.
The number of Americans on food stamps has gone from 26 million in 2007 to 43 million today. Do you think there are any Christian families in those numbers?

It would be nice to think that it won't affect every family.

[Y]our enemy is not your average person - male or female.

Again, if you'd understand that we're actually on the same page regarding training our 'own children' from our 'own home', you wouldn't be seeing me coming against you in any way -- but just stating facts about where we're at as a country and where we're headed - and gloabally and every parent should be mindful of it all.

GOD Bless you, Brother Jeff.

 2012/7/25 20:22


I understand what you are saying, trust me. But the govt can't make me doubt God and go with the flow of their plans. If I had to go in hiding to obey God and scavenge the fields for food - I would. In fact, we may have to. I'm aware of all the history. Doesn't change individual choices by people to trust/obey God at all costs. I hope I didn't come across wrong. I'm passionate about believing God to do what He calls us to do. The "judge not lest thee be judged" thing gets old to me at times, cause what a lot of what that can be is actually judging God.
What? How? Well, God said something in His Word & calls us to do certain things and we judge Him & His Word as unable to be obeyed because of.......govt.......the economy.....society.........whatever, etc. He's God. To not trust Him to enable us to do what He calls us to do is an affront to His Goodness, Mercy, & Power. It is a form of "doubt & unbelief". Government hasn't forced anyone (yet) to not accept lower living standards, not eat cheaper food, not do less that costs money, not pay for cable tv, not have more one on one time with kids and bible study and teaching, etc. or else they will steal your kids. So, if 72 years have passed since 1940 and no American govt has forced any of these things (mandating women work instead of living more frugally) & we have steadily went against God's plan for the family, who's to blame?
The Government? Economy? Society? No. Precious saints, anyone who follows man/self rather than God carries their own responsibility for this. The judgement for this may actually be that one day the govt does step in and try to enforce these matters! Will everyone then conform cause "you just don't understand. Everyone has different issues. Don't judge others." Etc., etc. I will flee for the mountains if/when that day ever comes, and go back into the burning cities to preach in the midst of the chaos, Lord willing. At the judgement Seat of Christ, all will be laid bare and known. All our excuses will be shown to be just excuses and nothing more. Like the servant who hid the one talent.
My heart is to stir people up to quit taking cues from the world and return to the purity and trustworthiness of God's Word! He is all-knowing, all-powerful, onnipresent, etc. & He can't help a family who's heart is truly set on following Him to obey His Word & follow His Spirit's leading? I think we have a bigger devil (or govt, or economy, or self, or circumstance) than we do an all powerful God! Faith is not for stuff. Faith is for believing the promises of Hod before you can see them. It's the only way we can please God. It's the only way we make it into "The Promised Land" & don't "Die doubting in the Wilderness". Are we gonna be like Caleb & Joshua and see the promise, or everyone else and see the Giants in the Land?

 2012/7/25 21:00


Remember the 3 Hebrew boys in the fire?

"Our God is fully able to deliver us, but even if He doesn't, we may burn, but we will never bow."

We need to return to that Spirit of believing God. The Government told Daniel not to pray to His God. He never wavered though they threw him to the lions.

This may look like another issue, but it really isn't.

Are we going to read God's Word, pray & be led by His Spirit, trust & believe in faith, never wavering, or are we going to just keep conforming to the ways of this world & making excuses as if our God can't enable us to obey Him?

God is watching us in the "little things" now. If we can't trust God and stand against culture/govt/society/economy now, what will we do when persecution really comes? Honestly. If we reason away God's plan for the family, don't trust God, & blame the govt now, what will we do when the Antichrist tells us to hand over our kids to their schools, or deny Christ to feed them, etc.? Well,"you can't judge everyone". Don't have to. They already have a judge who wrote it down 2,000 years ago and who will judge the living and the dead.

The whole matter, like most in our walk, is one of faith or unbelief. Trust or doubt. God's Soveriegnty or our pragmatism. "Did God really say?" Not training up our own children, not resisting the patterns of this world, not following God's pattern for the family and roles but "giving way to fear" & the feminist Jezebel spirit, etc. I don't know why I feel so led to share this except that it's the truth. "Without faith it is impossible to please God.....must believe that He is, & that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." That's not hyperbole. It's not theological aspirational statements of doctrinal thought. It's the truth spoken by God.

Praise the Lord that He can ALWAYS be trusted regardless of what we see. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

 2012/7/25 23:05

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