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 Sundar Singh on the Father, Son & Holy Spirit

Seeker: Sadhu-ji, I see that you live
in deep inner peace, and I, too, long to find this peace.
Can we imperfect mortals ever hope to experience
true oneness with God?
Sadhu: We all have a natural, inborn desire to see
God. But God is infinite and incomprehensible. No
one can see God without being of the same infinite nature as God. We are finite, and so we cannot see
God. But God is love. He is also the source of our
craving to know and love him. Out of this love God
took on a form that is comprehensible to us mortal beings.
Through this act of love we can now share in the
joy of the angels by seeing and knowing God directly.
This is why the Master said: “Whoever has seen me
has seen the Father.”
God knows well the inner state of every human being
and reveals himself to each heart in accordance
with its needs. There is no better way for a person to
enter true spiritual life than by encountering God
directly. God became man and dwelt among us so that
we might not fear him as something terrible and foreign,
but instead see that God is love.
Seeker: I can understand that the infinite God is incomprehensible
to us mortals. I can also understand
that the power, or spirit of God, is at work around us.
But how can this God be a man as well? This seems
Sadhu: The Almighty God and God Incarnate and
God the Spirit are one. In the sun, there is heat and
light and they are all one. But the heat is not the light
and the light is not the heat. So it is with God. The
Master and the Spirit both proceed from the Father to
bring light and heat to the world. God the Spirit is fire
that burns away all evil, making our hearts pure and
holy. The Master is the true light that drives out all
darkness and leads us to bliss along the path of truth.
Yet all three are one, just as the sun is one.


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