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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Sundar Singh on western Christians

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Many modern thinkers in the West do not believe in the miracles of our Master. To my mind, it’s already a miracle that there are still spiritual people in the West at all. In America, for example, one sees a good deal of Christianity, but it does not address the spiritual needs of the people. Just as salty seawater cannot quench thirst, much of American religion cannot satisfy a spiritually thirsty person because it is saturated with materialism.

Some powerful warnings against the desires of live and materialism (1 Timothy 6). May we heed this man of God's warnings.

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Readers of this thread should understand that these comments were made by Sadhu some 50 to 70 years ago. At this time Christianity of US might have been same but that of India was so different. At that time in India Christians were looked down as lower caste people and socially discriminated from Hindus. But now things are so different. You get preference in college and job if you are Christian in India. Also not to mention the spread of Western Christianity in India and the influence of Prosperity Gospel.


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That is very true, Sree. Thank you for putting it in context. 50-70 years ago there were some very Godly men/preachers in America but I wasn't Sundar just taken to New York. I could be wrong and if someone has read the book recently maybe they would tell us where in the U.S. he went to. My recollection is that he really did not get around that much and may have just gone to the "BIG CITY", where the contrast of materialism with his country would have been shocking.

Thank you,

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