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 The Vision

What are your thoughts on David Wilkersons Prophecies ??

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 Re: The Vision

Hi! 'ProudPapa'

Does the New Covenant disclose Israel as an earthly or heavenly matter?
This is the essential dividing line which David Wilkerson (among others) is standing on.
The answer to your question is to be found in Wilkerson's posture about that.

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You can read freely his other book: America's Last Call

I do believe the thrust and burden of His writings were from God's heart warning the body of Christ. I would say the prophetic gifting is not about day and times but rather about the coming season.

Jesus spoke of this to the Pharisees to know the signs of the times. Also birth pains are something our Lord warned us of, there are warning signs of what is coming: Matthew 24

Almost everything Wilkerson wrote about in the vision has come true in part! This should put the fear of God in our hearts.

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