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 Belief Equals Trust

Belief Equals Trust

The issue is that if you really believe in Jesus, you can trust him to take care of the details of your life. Does that sound so bad? Why do people hate that idea so much? It’s because they want to take control. They want to be who they want to be, go where they want to go, and do what they want to do. They don’t want anyone to get in the way, because they want to be gods themselves. That’s the same thing that got satan thrown out of Heaven. He wanted to be like God and to make his own decisions. He thought he was pretty. He thought he was smart. He thought that he could handle himself OK. And so an angel got turned into the devil, because he decided he had every right to make his own decisions. The process of separating yourself from God, is deciding you’re going to be god, and you’re going to do it your own way. You’re going to do what you want to do and how you want to do it. That process turns you into part of satan. It’s the law of the Universe. You separate yourself from God rather than yielding to Him and giving your life to Him and trusting Him to take control of your feelings and desires and plans. If you don’t take that attitude, then you’re trusting in yourself and making the same mistake that satan did in Heaven.

So it’s not such a hard thing. The only reason it seems so repulsive to people is because they want to be god. But when you really take step a back, it only makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t I totally trust Him? Why would I think I’m smarter and more loving than He is? Why would I think I have a better idea than He does? Why can’t I just do what Jesus did and refuse to do anything I don’t see the Father doing or go anywhere I don’t see the Father going? Why can’t I just trust Him to lead me to do whatever I need to do without having to take control over my own life? Why must I look a certain way and act a certain way to make people happy so I have what I want? It makes a lot more sense to trust the Messiah. “This Jesus whom you crucified, God has made both Lord and Christ.” And the people, cut to the heart, said, “What can we do? My selfishness killed the perfect man who loved perfectly, the one who was perfectly patient, perfectly kind, and perfectly true, who never compromised a day in His life. He never did anything for Himself. He only served God. And my sin crucified Him. I’m cut to the heart. What can I do about it?” Well you can become one with Him. You can’t change the fact that your sin crucified Him, but you can become one with Him by burying your life into His life and trusting Him completely for the rest of your days until you see Him face to face. He’ll forgive your sins. That’s the good news!

All the debate, then, is just a bunch of nonsense. Saying “I don’t believe that Jesus has the right to make my decisions. I’m not going to bury my life in Him. I’m just going to put Him on the shelf as something to make me feel better on Sunday mornings.” That’s a very hopeless approach, and it yields no fruit. It just yields chaos and confusion, self-centeredness and lawlessness. The happiness we think we buy by making ourselves gods only makes us more miserable and shallower in the end. By giving it all away, Jesus says, you get a “hundred fathers, mothers, brothers, lands, and possessions, and in the coming age, Eternal Life.”


Thought I would share. Read over this teaching on JESUS being LORD of my life, and realizing that means every single aspect of my life.

God bless

 2012/7/17 14:25Profile

 Re: Belief Equals Trust

MaryJane, this is exceptionally good. I don't think that we think about that there's only two sources of reference of our thoughts and behaviors as being either identical to Satans' or identical to Jesus'.
We think that there's some neutral ground called "Just me" - when 'just me' is what Satan said.

Yes and Amen, dear Sister ... you chose a Good one to share with us all.

Thank you and GOD richly Bless you.

 2012/7/19 12:04

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